Molly Burnett

Molly Burnett is a producer and actress born in Littleton, Colorado. The actress is 29 years of age. Some of Molly’s popular works include Days of our Lives, CSI: Cyber and True Blood. Her role in Days of our Lives as Melanie Jonas earned Burnett a number of nominations in Daytime Emmy Award. Burnett Instagram handle is @mollyburnett. Her net worth is not publicized.

Personal Life

Before rising to fame, Burnet was one of Denver theater community members which saw her appear in a majority of the school plays. From her biography, Burnett’s parents are Katie and David Burnett. Molly was raised up in Colorado in the Denver Suburb together with Will, her younger brother. The amazing actress is fond of pets, especially dogs, and thus, has two dogs.

During her time at Littleton High School, as a teen, Burnett had already shown her passion for acting, which helped flourish her theatrical career at such a young age. While in Denver, the young girl was known for her numerous roles at theater companies including the LHS. But at this time, she was oblivion to the fact that her career future included featuring in movies such as Noises Off, Annie, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

After graduating from Littleton High School with honors, Burnett shifted geographical locations to New York City where she joined Wagner College. While at this arts schools, Burnett saw not the need to further her academic career and subsequently, decided to pursue her acting aspirations professionally. As a result, Burnett again shifted to Los Angeles.   

Burnett’s dating series is marked by two moments of painful heartbreaks. In 2009, her boyfriend was Casey Jon Deidrick. Burnett and Casey were acquainted on Dool and dated off-screen as well. However, the fire of love between these love rockets only seemed to burn for a year and hence, in 2010, they brought the relationship to closure. But despite their separation, both stars continued their on-screen romance on Dool as Melanie and Chad. 

Similarly, some years back, in 2008, she dated Aron Hill, an American actor. However, to date, information regarding their dating events or the circumstance behind their meeting period remains unknown. Also, this relationship only could go as far as a year before quitting. The actress failed to disclose about her relationship including the breakup. After their breakup, they were spotted together, but it was not known whether they were just friends or trying to mend things up.

Career Life

After settling in Los Angeles, Burnett’s first professional acting role was in Days of our Lives as Melanie Jonas. In 2012, having left the daytime serial, Burnett appeared in CSI: NY, a primetime series, and Major Crimes. Her feature on a movie came about in her roles on Ladies Man: A Made Movie portraying Ashley Bloom and This Magic Moment. In 2015, Burnett cast on CSI: Cyber as Nina Moore, which was a multi-episode role. She later returned to the daytime serial dubbed Day of our Lives perhaps as a remembrance of her beginnings. Her recent work includes Shattered.