Matthew Moy

Mathew Moy was born on February 3rd, 1984 and he is basically a Chinese-American actor. He has been able to become quite famous because of the popular sitcom 2 Broke Girls from CBS. He also provides the voice in Steven Universe of Lars Barriga. Within a comparatively short span of time, Mathew has been able to make his presence felt as a powerful and good actor. Why not therefore have a peep into his biography and pick up a few relevant points which will be a good way to make readers more informed and knowledgeable.

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Early Life

Moy was born in San Francisco, California and was also raised in this wonderful city. Though he is of Chinese-American origin, he would like to call himself as somebody belonging to the third or fourth generation. He did his graduation from University Of California, Davis. He got himself a degree in Japanese and also was able to complete a minor in linguistics. His mother was a language therapist while his father was a teacher in a high school. He also has an elder sister.

Personal Life

Though nothing much is known about the personal life of Moy, there are some very reliable sources of information which mention that he is married. He seemingly has dated his wife for a long time. It also is believed that he got married to an actress but here again the details available are very sketchy and therefore at best things can be guessed.

Though he is just 5 feet 1 inches, he does look very attractive and well built and therefore is much sought after in action movies. As of now he is totally focused in his career and is spending almost his entire time and effort towards it. Hence it might be some time before the full details of his personal life become known to the public.

Net Worth

There are no sources of information that could tell about the actual net worth of Moy, though it is believed that it could be worth quite a few million dollars.


The success storey of Mathew Moy’s career has been essentially built around the small screen. He has appeared in a number of important titles. This list is quite big and therefore it may not be possible to list down each one of them. However, we will look at a few of the works which might have helped him to succeed in this highly competitive and difficult scenario. For example, his work How I Met Your Mother certainly was very well received and was appreciated even by critics. There were a few other such titles such as Good Luck Charlie, Kickin’ It and quite a few others which well and truly catapulted him to the next level of success.

He also acted in a number of films and made his debut in the year 2009 with the Title Non Sequitur where his role of Dallas was appreciated quite a bit. Since then he has acted in six more films and the last one was by the name Unreal Estate where he did the role of The Stranger. However, it is the small screen which has well and truly made Mathew Moy so very popular. Starting with Mind of Mencia in 2008 he has acted in seventeen titles and the last work of his in the small screen was in 2015.

17 Feb, 2018