Matt Noyes is the chief meteorologist of NBC Boston. He is famous for his talent as a meteorologist and for his daily hosting of forecasts.

Matt Noyes was born in Haverhill to his parents. He was born in a high class family. His father was a famous businessman and was into the business of import and export business. He was sent to a renowned school of the town. As a student, he was very brilliant and studious. He also took great interest in golf and played golf with his father. They had their own golf court where he used to practice golf with his father. He also attended several golf tournaments.

Besides this, he also took interest in music. He was very passionate towards music and loved to play guitar. He was also involved with a musical band during his high school days and they have together performed many shows. He completed his graduation with the highest grade in his high school. After graduation, his father wanted him to join the family business but he had no such interest in it. He wanted to join the University to carry on with his further studies. He joined the Cornell University for earning his Bachelors of Science degree. Along with this, he also joined the Phillips Academy Andover to study Meteorology.

He studied for four years in the university and after that he also did research on certain weather factors and recent issues. He wanted to let the people know about the particular changes which were taking in the environment. He wanted to raise a concern among the people regarding the certain factors of weather. His research project on Meteorology was so good and had such points that impressed the board members of American Meteorological Society.

He has always preferred the path where he can have the opportunity to explore other than just completing daily chores. According to the board members, his passion of discovering facts was reflecting in his research work. He is now a member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society. He still carries on research works with his team and gives day to day information to the people about the different weather conditions.

Apart from holding such an honourable position, he is also a university instructor. He gives meteorgical lessons and ideas to the university students. He is counted among the most experienced and interesting of all the instructors in the university. He has a very jolly nature due to which the students have developed a friendly behaviour with him.

According to him, learning cannot be bound by age and any person, of any age, can learn whenever they want. He, himself has about 120,000 students who are of different age groups. He tries to spend most of his time with them and does not even charge any particular amount of fees from them. He has mentioned in an interview that he wants to distribute his learning and lessons among the people who have an urge for them.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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