With a pleasing personality and extremely charming look, Hollywood actor Matt Czuchry rose to prominence because of his successful TV series called ‘The Good Wife’.

Personal Life

Born on May 20th in the year 1977 in the city of Manchester, Matt Czuchry grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee. His father Andrew Czuchry is a Ukranian and a professor while his mother Sandra is a housewife. Matt has two brothers and a sister. Matt’s career commenced 16 years ago in 2000 and ever since, his work has helped him win many accolades. He won the Mr. College of Charleston pageant in the year 1998.

Apart from being a talent actor, Matt is also a sportsperson. He attended college on the basis of a tennis scholarship and also captained the men’s tennis team. He was an NCAA ranked player in the Southern Conference. However, Matt wasn’t very good in school. He once stated in a show that before he became an actor, he took the Law School Admission Test and scored miserable grades.

Matt used to be considered as a Casanova in his college days. He has stated that he dates a lot of girls. He isn’t married as of now, but according to a reporter, Matt is looking for a good wife. He is 5 feet 9 inches tall. His charming looks have helped him gain a lot of fans all across the globe. He is also quite active on social media, having thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. He is renowned for his witty posts and comments on Instagram.


The credit of arousing Matt’s interest in the field of acting goes to one of his theatre class professor, who encouraged Matt to change his major to drama. He then appeared in drama segments as a lead actor. His role of a layer which he played in the year 2009 has been acclaimed by the masses. He then started appearing in various TV production and shows, which ultimately increased his fame.

While on the set of his very first role on The WB’s Young Americans in 2000, Matt came across Kate Bosworth, the girl whom he dated for the next two years. In 2002, he made his film debut on the drama “Swimming Upstream” and also on “Slap her……She’s French”. Because of his excellency in these two roles, he was given a guest role on ‘The Practice’, before he made an appearance on the film called ‘Eight Legged Freaks’.

While playing the swindling thief ‘Jamie Farrel’ on the series Hack, Matt was able to hone his craft by learning from the show’s stars David Morse and Andre Braugher. After having completed three years on ‘Gilmore Girls’ in the year 2007, Matt matured his craft by opting for work in different genres, spanning theatre, television and film. The seven seasons that Matt spent on the sets of ‘The Good Wife’ established him as a rising star.

Matt left no stone unturned in making ‘The Good Wife’ as one of the best TV shows. Apart from film and drama, Matt has also pursued story writing. Knowing fully well that his past work has laid the foundation for his success in the future, Matt dedicates most hours of the day honing his skills in acting. His tireless mind and body help him earn over $3 million every year.