Mark Sheppard is a renowned actor from London. He has also established his name as a famous musician.

Personal life

Mark Andreas Sheppard belongs to the acting background as his father, W. Morgan Sheppard was also a popular actor in the industry. Mark Sheppard was born in the year 1964 in the month of May. He was trained as an actor by his father from his childhood years which led him to become a talented actor. He, as a child, used to invest a lot of focus in his work and development.

He also participated in some of the school drama programs and also in some other competitions, where his performance was praiseworthy. After achieving a lot of fame as an actor, he married his wife Jessica with whom he could not stay for a long time and finally got divorced. He also has two children with his ex-wife Jessica. After that, during the year 2014, Sheppard started dating Sarah Louise Fudge who was an heiress from Australia. They got engaged to each other in 2015 and only after few months, got married to each other. They also have a daughter together. Mark Sheppard has remained quite famous as an actor throughout his career, which is the reason of his high net worth.


Sheppard did not start his career as an actor, but as a musician. He also got the chance to record some music with Robyn Hitchcock and many other renowned personalities. He also had knowledge towards the instrumental music and that is why he was able to play drums in the second album of Light a Big Fire. He became quite established as a musician within few years of his career and later, shifted to the United States to seek better opportunities in his acting career.

First he was called for audition for an American play ‘Cock and Bull story’ where he also got selected. His acting in this play was excellent, which fetched him a number of awards along with the LA Drama Critics’ Circle award. After achieving much fame as an actor he stepped into the television industry. He started his television career by appearing in one of the episodes of the X-files.

For some years, he only made small appearances in most of the television shows as in Soldier of Fortune, Invisible Man, The Chronicle, Monk, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and many more to prepare himself, as a good actor. He never played same kind of roles in all the films and liked to experiment with his skills. He took the evil role in the episode Witches in Tights of Arnon and the role of Badger, which was much of comic character in the Firefly show. Sheppard also did the role of villain in the fifth season of Fox Show 24 and also the character of a serial killer in Medium. He made several television appearances to finally step into the film industry. Sheppard got the recognition as a talented actor quite early and was also able to establish himself, as a director.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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