Mara was born on 24 July 1987 and she was born in California in United States of America. Name of her father is Mike Wilson and her mother’s name is Suzie Wilson. It is known that her father worked a as broadcast engineer where as her mother didn’t work. Mara is known to be atheist and she doesn’t believe in the concept of god. She also has 4 siblings out of which 3 are brothers and one is a sister. It is known that her childhood was spend in United States of America along with her parents. Mara lost her mother when she was 8 years old as her bother suffered from breast cancer. Mara completed her schooling from Idyllwild Arts Academy and she later went to New York University to complete her graduation.

It is known that Mara started acting at a very young age her insipiration was her elder brother who used to act as well. She started her career with some commercial advertisements and some advertisements that she did were of Bank of America and Lunchables. In 1994, she signed her first movie. She was widely loved by her audience and her acting won several hears.

Mara has worked in over 5 films and most of them had been a hit on box office and she also worked in over 7 TV series. One of the most famous series among them was Batman Beyond which was aired in 1999. Mara also worked for internet shows and until now she worked in a total of 14 internet shows. Mara also worked in Matilda and the movie was widely loved by people of all age group. The movie made huge collections of box office. It was reported that Mara received ShoWest Award in 1995 under the category of Young Star of the year. This was a huge achievement for her at the age of 8. Mara was also nominated for Saturn Award under the category of Best Performance by a Younger Actor but unfortunately she couldn’t win the award.

In 2013, Mara also revealed that she is willing to give up acting as she loves to write. She also said that it is becoming difficult for her to act now and she is happier in writing the articles for the magazines and other periodicals. Mara is the author of Sheeple and Where Am I Now. It is said that the second book is inspired by the true stories in her life.

It is known that the death of her mother left a severe impact on Mara and that led her into depression. It took her a lot of time to recover from the illness. In 2016, Mara revealed that she is bisexual and that is one of the reason why she openly supports LGBT community. Mara’s annual salary is not known but her net worth is estimated to be 5 Million American Dollars. This signifies her success in her field.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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