Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss is a very popular and versatile personality. Apart from establishing himself as an actor and director, he has also established himself as a screenwriter, comedian, television producer and novelist. He has made many major television appearances which has earned him a lot of fame and popularity.

Mark Gatiss was born in the year 1966 on October 17th. He grew up in Sedgefield, County Durham, England. His parents Maurice Gatiss and Winifred Rose belonged to the working class. His father worked at a hospital and his mother was a school teacher. His mother was also a psychological consultant at the same hospital where his father worked. As a child, he used to stay back at home alone and thus, indulged himself in video games and television shows. Some of his favourite shows included Hammer Horror, Doctor Who and others. Apart from this, he also loved to read. He usually read H.G. Wells and Sherlock Holmes whenever he got some free time.

As he had almost no relatives to visit, he used to collect fossils during his vacations. He also took great interest in arts and crafts and showed great creativity. His urge for creativity developed his interest towards acting but he did not want to become an actor instead, he wanted to pursue writing. He wrote several poems and stories as a child and as he grew up, he nurtured his passion for writing and came up with even better writing skills. First, he went to the Heighington CE Primary School and later, went to the Woodham Comprehensive School.

During his high school days, he also wrote several scripts for the drama events of his school. After completing his graduation from his high school, he went to the Bretton Hall College where he pursued Theatre Arts. In the year 2003, he performed very well in the final year of his college and also received an honorary doctorate of letters from the University of Huddersfield.

He initially started his acting career in the year 1995 with The League of Gentlemen. The director chose him from his college where he had already witnessed his acting skills. He impressed everyone so much with his acting that it fetched him the Perrier Award in the year 1997. The next part of the film, Apocalypse was released in the year 2005 which earned a lot of popularity in the theatres.

Later, he also appeared in many television series and films like The Matrix, Randall & Hopkrik, Little Britain, In the Red, Nighty Night, Spaced, The Quatermass Experiment, Funland, The Wind in the Windows, The Worst Journey in the World, Jekyll, Psychoville, Clone, Worried About the Boy, Sherlock, A History of Horror, Horror Europa, The First Men in the Moon, A Ghost Story for Christmas, Wolf Hall and many more. He has also established himself as a screenwriter as he had great writing skills from childhood. He wrote a series of novels and stories and published it as New Adventures. He has also written scripts for many television series.

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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