Margot Kerr

This article tries and has a closer look at the wife of Steve Kerr. There is no denying the fact that he is a well known former professional basketball player and is currently the coach of the Golden State Warriors. He has seen quite a bit of success in his career and therefore being his wife Margot Kerr has quite a bit of attention coming her way. Margot and Steve Kerr have been married for over 25 years. Hence it can easily be said that there is a successful marriage and they have been living happily together.

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Her Early Life

She is around 51 years and she was born in Arizona and this is the place where she was raised. She did her schooling and completed her graduation from Salpointe Catholic High School. Apart from this there isn’t much information about her early life and it is very sketchy and almost zero to say the least. This is perhaps because of the fact that she believes in keeping her early life a big secret and away from public gaze.

It would be pertinent to mention here that she did not have too much of public attention and glare before she became the wife of Steve Kerr. If a biography had to be written about her without her husband it is quite obvious that there would not be anything very significant.

Net Worth

Steve’s networth is Margot’s and according to latest estimates, his net worth is around $18 million which is quite impressive. A big portion of this will certainly go to Margot.

Personal Life

She met her husband in 1985 when both of them were sophomores at the University of Arizona. They entered into a blind date by Bruce Fraser who later went on to become the assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors. It is the team which Kerr had coached. Both Margot and Steve dated for quite some time and the whole thing was seemingly moving in the right direction.

She had to move to LA for work after completing her schooling and the couples were into a long distance relationship. The separation was unbearable for both of them and she quit her job and moved to Ohio when he was moved to Cleveland. They eventually got married in 1990. They are happily married for the past 27 years and they have three children out of their marriage. The names are Nick Kerr, Maddy and Matthew Kerr. Nick and Maddy are also good sportsmen with Nick playing for 1st Division Basketball while Maddy is a volleyball player for Berkeley.

31 Dec, 2017