Marc Schauer

Marc Schauer was born in the year 1960 and it was in Telluride city of Colorado. He is a real estate agent and he is known because he is the husband of the most respected actress called Laura Linney. Laura is older of 4 years compared to her husband. From his biography, Marc Schauer started his education in New York City where he went to elementary school. However, the name of the school he attended is not known.

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After the elementary school, he went also to a high school and it was still in New York City. He did not go to a college as his wife. For his wife, she went also to school in New York and after attending a private school, she also went to a Northfield Mount Hermon School found in New England. The two met in New York City at Telluride Festival. They took time to learn about one another and they started their love affairs afterwards.

Laura got the assignment of being the handler of Marc while Marc had a job of looking for the events of Laura. They fell in love while working together. After deciding to date, they continue with their love until the time they got married.

Since Laura had already been married and divorced, she wanted to be safe first with Marc. They got engaged after dating for 5 years. The marriage took place in the year 2009.

When Laura become pregnant, they did not talk about the pregnancy and they did not even talk it with the friends. Their baby boy Bennet was born in the year 2014. The two said that they have tried to give birth for a long period and it seemed that it was not working. So they were focusing more on safe delivery and they did not want to raise the hopes of anyone up.

Marc Schauer is not that famous as his wife and he became to be known from his famous wife. However, he has a career of his own, he works as real estate agent. The net worth of Marc Schauer is not known yet but that of his wife is 15 million dollars.

Laura was born with a half sibling called Susan and they have different public photos that they post online. Laura Linney grew up in the middle-class family but the parents divorced while he was only a baby. this is why he got raised mostly by the mother, but she still took the talent in drama and acting from her father who was a Playwright. Her role model in acting is Meryl Streep and she considers her to be one of the best actresses in the entire world. Her mother supported her when she decided to become an actress, even if she wanted her to be a doctor first. She had been nominated 3 times to an Oscar but she had not won any by now.

25 Oct, 2018