Mara was born on 13 June 1955 and she was born in New York City in the United States of America. There no information available about her parents but is known that her complete childhood was spent in New York City along with her parents. The completed her schooling from Scarsdale High School and she also went to Scarsdale Alternative School. Scarsdale Alternative School was known to be a famous experimental democratic community in New York and it is believed that the community exists today as well.

Later, after completing her school, she started going to Brown University and she completed her graduation in 1977. She received her degree of bachelors of Arts and her specialization was American history. It is known that she is quite religious and she is a Jewish of religion.

Talking about Mara’s career, she started working at a radio station as a freelancer and she later got an opportunity to work as a TV reporter as well. In 1985, it was reported that Mara started working at National Public radio which is also known as NPR. She later went to Columbia University as she was awarded a fellowship program there. After completing her fellowship, she joined back NPR and this time she started working as a correspondent for congress.

In 1992, she was working as a correspondent at White House and she worked at the position for 9 years. She also received several awards in those years and later in 1997, it was revealed that Mara has started working at Fox New. She was often seen on Fox News Sunday and she also worked with WETA-TV. For WETA TV she worked in the show called Washington Week.

It seems like Mara isn’t very keen on revealing details in media and hence there is very little information about her personal life either. At present, she is married and she lives in Washington DC. The name of her husband is Jonathan Cuneo and as per the reports, Mara’s husband is a lawyer by profession and he is a working partner at Cuneo Gilbert and LaDuca. The firm is a law company which is also based in Washington DC.

It is also known that the couple doesn’t have any children and in an interview, Mara revealed that the family didn’t have any children because she doesn’t want it to impact her career. And there were some reports which state that Mara is fond of children and she often contributes to the charity programs which are related to the children. It is known that Mara had also been involved in a lot of controversies as well.

There is no information about the annual salary of Mara but her net worth is estimated to be over 3 Million American Dollars. Unlike other celebrities, Mara isn’t very active on sites like Instagram even though she often tweets on twitter but she doesn’t really have a lot of fans on Instagram. Mara’s complete biography is available on Wikipedia and other online sources.