Madeleine Mantock

Madeleine Mantock is a famous British actress who was born on 20th May 1990 in Nottingham, United Kingdom. She is a young actress having a bright future ahead of her. She is well-known for her roles in different TV series. Her best work can be seen in a TV show named “Into the Badlands”. She has also worked in a famous movie “Edge of Tomorrow”.

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Personal Life

Madeleine was born in Nottingham, UK. There are no details available about her parents, but it is for sure that she does not come from a fairly strong background. However, she is a mixed, Hispanic and British, ethnic and British national. Her biography on the internet, which is collected from different sources, does not contain much information about her family except that she has an elder brother. She studied arts and got her degree in musical theater in England.

Madeleine is a 28 years old young actress who has never been married. So she has never gone through a divorce. She has managed to keep her personal life away from the reach of media so there is no news of her past or present relationships. Being the part of the entertainment industry, actors and actresses always come across different rumors about their personal life. In 2014, it was rumored that she was dating a co-star Robbie Amell from “The Tomorrow People”. These rumors were proved wrong later. There was more news about different actors approaching her and asking her on a date, but those were not true either.

Madeleine revealed that she has dated in the past and is still in contact with her ex-boyfriends. Her current relationship status is unknown. She says that her boyfriend should be a British in all aspects. Before starting an actual career as an actress, she is said to be in local modeling. She did that to pay for her acting classes. Most aspects of her personal life are unknown and she has kept her life private from the start.


Madeleine’s career started in 2011 when she was 21 and appeared in “casualty”. It was a huge opportunity for her as she kept that regular role for 36 episodes from 2011 to 2012. Later in 2013, she appeared in the Lee Nelson’s “Well Funny People” in the UK. 2013 brought her a leading role in a TV series “The Tomorrow People”.

Unfortunately, that show was canceled after the 1st season. She has also played a role in the movie “Edge of Tomorrow”. She was again blessed by the main role in the TV series “Into the Badlands”. She has played different roles in the movies too. Recently in March of 2018, she was again picked for the main role in the series “Charmed”.

Making a debut in 2011, she has done fairly well through these years. As she has been endowed with some good roles, there is a bright future for her in upcoming years. For now, there are no exact figures announced about her net worth, but considering her roles in movies and main roles in TV shows she must worth no less than millions.

25 Oct, 2018