Macy Gray, a singer, musician, actor, writer and producer by profession, came to life on September 6th 1967. She is a Native American and was born in Canton, Ohio, United States. She was born by the name Natalie Renée McIntyre but later on changed her name to Macy Gray. Macy was born to her parents Otis Jones and Laura McIntyre, who was a math teacher by profession. Macy did her graduation from ‘University of Southern California’ with specialization in Script writing. While pursuing her studies she started writing songs for some artists and also performed in various shows. She later on performed in various jazz clubs as well and gained some popularity there.

Gray has been very humble person since her childhood and has also been diagnosed with a disease called Bipolar Disease which is a neuro disease. Macy was married to her husband Tracey Hinds in the year 1996 who was her boyfriend before marriage. The couple had 3 children named ‘Aanisah Hinds’, ‘Tahmel Hinds’ and ‘Cassius Hinds’. However Macy and Tracey had trouble later on in the relationship after a short duration of their marriage and they both filed for a divorce. Macy and Tracey separated in the year 1998 and Macy has been single since then.

According to her biography, Macy started her career writing songs for other artists and performing at some Jazz clubs. She started recording her debut album in 1997, however could not complete that album and was dropped from the project. Later on Macy appeared as guest appearances in some singles songs. Macy got much popularity when she worked in her debut album named ‘On How Life is’ in the year 1999. The album was an instant hit with millions of copies sold across the globe. The songs of the album appeared in the top charts in US. Later on in 2001, Macy appeared in her second album named ‘The Id’ and the album was again a smashing hit. Her unusual voice and songs were much appreciated by the critics and the audiences. Later on Macy went on to produce 7 other albums and she was appreciated for her songs and work done across the albums.

Macy has also been a successful actor and she has appeared in around 40 movies both in the leading characters as well as short roles. Macy appeared in the movies like ‘Ally McBeal’, ‘Training Day’, ‘When I Was a Girl’, ‘That's So Raven’, ‘Domino’ and many more. She is currently working in 2 movies which are set to be released this year in 2016. Macy has also won a series of awards including the prestigious Grammy award. She has been nominated 5 times for Grammy and she won the award in 2001 for her song ‘I Try’. She has also won other prominent awards like ‘Billboard Award’, ‘Black Reel Award’, ‘Brit Award’ and ‘MTV Music awards’ to name a few.

Macy Gray is a rich celebrity and her projected net worth is close to around $20 million and it is projected to increase in future as well. She is socially very active and has got over 2 lacs followers on her twitter account.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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