Lisa Orsillo

Lisa Orsillo is the wife of Don Orsillo and they live in Coronado city in California. They have two children, Sydney and Madison Orsillo. However, it is said that they have divorced now and her ex husband is already dating another woman. The information about their divorce is not disclosed and everyone thought they were happy together.

More information about Lisa Orsillo’s biography, except to have been married to Don Orsillo is not available.

Don Orsillo is known in the sports since he is a legendary announcer for all the time. However, his life came to unexpected stop and this also included her marriage. He continues to live with a girlfriend and elder daughter Sydney who works like a sous chef. After working at NESN for 15 years, he was sacked in the year 2015 and he was not given the notice that her contract will not be renewed. When the sack was announced, over 60,000 people signed for the petitions asking that he should be kept but afterwards, Sean McGrail, the chairman of Rex Sox Said that it was also something hard for them to do but they had to do the change.

At the age of 48, he was hired to join San Diego Padres and they signed him with a six year contract and a raise. Don Orsillo does not want to disclose the identity of his girlfriend and does not like to talk about her salary or net worth. It is believed that he was getting 6 million annually salary but with the increase at Padres, it is now more than this. His net worth is not disclosed.

Don Orsillo was born in the city of Melrose and it is found in Massachusetts. He is called Donatangelo Orsillo and grew up in the city of Madison in New Hampshire. When he was 12 years old, he started the schooling at John H Fuller Elementary School and afterwards, he started to study at Kennett Junior High School found in Conway.

For the high school, he attended Milaleste High School found in Rancho Palos Verdes in the city of California. He got communication studies degree with the Northeastern University and during the time he was working towards getting the degree, he started broadcasting which was his childhood dream. He got the opportunity to do internship under Joe Castiglione who is an announcer at Red Sox radio since 1996 until 2000. Afterwards, he continued and became a radio announcer. He was able to move to the top and he was even given the nickname as Toad, Donny Man and Announcer Boy.

He joined New England Sports Network and there he worked as play by play man and the first game he did was for Orioles and Red Sox. Afterwards, he started to call for the game at WSBK and a NESN. His Instagram is @DonOrsillo.