Lily Pino is a former actress who is famous for being the wife of famous Latino actor Danny Pino who has been popular shows like Law & Order and Cold Case.


Lily still has good connections with FIU, her college alma mater. She and Danny never miss out on the college reunions. She has never talked about her parents, siblings or her childhood in any interview. Her parents’ names are not known to media because of her secrecy.

She has never come out to media to talk about her childhood. Her current relationship with her parents is not known to media but her fans hope that they are good grandparents to her children.

Acting Career

Lily was born as Lily Bernal and had many great acting performances in theatre productions. She enjoyed acting on stage more than the screen. As an actor on stage, she is able to form an intimate connection with the audience. She also preferred the instant feedback that she gets from performing for an audience. The expressions that she sees in the audience is what kept her going and pushing in her performances.

Lily always wanted to be an actress. She is known for her role as Rosa’s mother in the movie Rosa in 2006. She had many other roles and credits but her best moments were on stage. Her credits list include a lot of short films and theater productions. She started her acting career with the NYU Creative Arts team. Her top plays include The Getty and Shim Chong. She even toured the country in Barber of Seville as Rosina with the National Theatre of America.

Apart from acting, she has an interest in music too. She composed and starred in Madrugada in Los Angeles. After marriage, she stopped her acting career and became a full time mother to her children. The main reason to why she stopped pursuing her career is that she didn’t want to spend a lot of time away from her family with her touring obligations.

Lily has removed herself from the media’s spotlight after her marriage to Danny. There is very little known about her current life besides her famous marriage. It is speculated that she would have made a handful of money when she was at her acting prime in theatre productions. She was a part of many national tours but she has not revealed her net worth or finances to the media.

Marriage to a Latino Heartthrob

Lily found the man of her dreams when she married Danny Pino. She has two children with him and is glad to start a family with a man she adores so much. She quit her acting career to focus on her family. She realized that her husband, Danny had the most potential to bring income to the home. They both felt that it would be a better strategy for her to raise the children. They didn’t want to resort to hiring a nanny that would spend most of the time with the children. They both were on the same page of wanting their children to grow up knowing their parents. There is very little known on the public record about her kids and family. Lily keeps everything away from the media to protect their privacy. She now lives with Danny and their children in Los Angeles.


Lily Pino dated Danny for a very long time before they decided to get married in 2002. Lily met him when they were studying at Rockway Middle School. They eventually went to the same college too. There was a gap in their common schools because they went to different high schools.

Miami Magazine asked Danny about growing up in Florida and how he met Lily, “I try to get here four to five times a year. I met my wife, actress Lilly Bernal at Rockway Middle School. It was pretty much love at first talk. For us going home means going back to the 305. I’m very involved in FIU. I’m class of ’96 and my wife is class of ’97. I’m a member of the foundation board. We talk about where the university is strategically and the evolution of programs for the near and distant future.”

Lily never talked about her previous romantic life or dating experiences with Danny. She wanted him to feel like he was special and the only one on her mind. She didn’t think it was necessary to bring up past relationships. She is not known to have dated anyone before Danny. The same goes for him as well because they were both so young when they fell in love.

Lily and Danny are very close and there are no marital problems that could break them apart. There is no chance of divorce in the near future. Both Lily and Danny have never been married or engaged before each other. Neither of them were associated with any celebrity relationship or affair in the past. Lily has not mothered a child with anyone out of a previous marital relationship. The same goes for Danny.

Her husband, Daniel Gonzalo Pino is famous around the country for playing Detective Scotty on the popular crime drama, Cold Case. The show is popular among television audiences because of the concept of the show. On the show, detectives open up old criminal cases that were thought to be pointless. Sometimes a new piece of evidence shows up that encourages the detectives to open the case back up to solve the crime.

Danny was happy to make a change and join the popular Law & Order show after leaving Cold Case, “I had been on another procedural show, Cold Case, for seven years, and I certainly respected the legacy of Law & Order, even though I had only seen a handful of episodes. Being a dad meant the reality was that I probably knew more about Dora and Diego [laughs]. But I saw the show with fresh eyes, and I wasn’t coming in with a bunch of baggage.”

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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