Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson is a very popular actress and singer. She is also famous for her famous web series and song writing career.

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Lia Marie Johnson was born in the year 1996 on November 23rd. She was born in Hawaii but he was brought up in California. Her father was a military man and her mother was a home maker. She was brought up in a very disciplined family. Later, due to the job purposes, her family had to go to California and settle there.

She was a very beautiful girl from childhood and excelled in music. She also had a very beautiful voice. She took her initial singing lessons from her mother who is also a very good singer. Her mother used to teach her the different genres of music and she was a very good learner as well. She also made several stage performances from a very young age. She also joined the music group of her school where she received a lot of recognitions for her vocal talents. She also participated in many talent hunt shows and won some of them.

At an early age of eleven years, she launched her YouTube channel. She wanted to spread her passion among the people. She used to upload regular videos to her YouTube channel. Her beautiful voice soon attracted a number of people and within a year, she had a million of subscribers with a huge number of views. She has also got a number of talent hunt proposals from the popularity of her channel. She also used to feature her different outdoor performances on the channel for her huge number of subscribers. When she remained very busy due to her tight schedules and could not post on YouTube, her mother used to do it on her behalf.

As she grew up, she started including as much creativity to her music videos as she could. She wanted to show her viewers something which they would not get the chance to watch in some other channel. She included sketch comedies and voice commentaries, as required in her music videos.

Her first professional work was with Fine Brothers, in the year 2010. As she was only a teenager back then, she was chosen for their television musical series, Kids React. This break did a huge difference in her career and her popularity increased by a huge number. She even participated in the Teens React and in the YouTubers React in the next consecutive years. In these events, many young YouTube personalities were invited.

She has also won several honours and awards due to her huge success at a very young age. She has also taken part in many popular movies which has increased her popularity. She had also participated in many comedy series. Due to her huge popularity, she has also been casted on several magazine covers. She has also made many guest appearances and has been  invited to several talk shows, due to the huge success which she enjoys in her career.

16 Oct, 2017