His full name is Leo Gordon Laporte, he was born on 29th of November 1956 in the New York City. He is a very well renowned entrepreneur, an efficient author and a technology broadcaster.

Leo is the son of a geologist. Chinese history was from where Leo began. In the Yale university he studied the ancient Chinese but later dropped out of it because he wanted to change his field and jump to radio broadcasting. The name that he gave to his radio stations were Dave Allen and Dan Hayees. Innovative and a creative mind are his key qualities because of which he is such a big entrepreneur. He is a one man army and most of his life’s work are done by him only.

Laporte has done many broadcasting projects related to technology, like the one he did in 1991: Dvorak on computers and later worked in San Francisco. There is a show named ‘The Site’ on MSNBC in which Leo did the role of a motion capture character by the name Dev Null. ‘The Screen Savers’ was also Leo’s creation in 1998, he also hosted the same.

He also did the ‘Call For Help’ on the satellite and cable network. Leo hosted the show ‘The Lab with Leo Laporte’ which was recorded in Canada and the same program was called ‘Call For Help’ in Toronto and U.S. He hosts the show ‘Leo Laporte: The Tech Guy’ which is a radio program and has also worked in other radio shows like Showbiz Tonight, Live with Kelly and World News Now.

Leo also has a huge career in book writing. He has written many technology based books such as 101 Computer Answers You Need To Know, Gadget Guide 2005, Guide to TiVo, Guide to Mac OS X Tiger, PC Help Desk and many more. Leo has also done a narration in 2008 of ‘The True History of Little Golden Hood’

Leo also has his own podcast network which is available on iTunes. He operates it with his wife Lisa Laporte. Leo has always been so efficient and smart in his career due to which he also received the well deserved award: Emmy Award.

Thus, Leo Laporte is a multi talented man and has a good grip in many fields, his work is remarkable and efficient. His biography tells us that he has married twice and that he separated with his ex-wife, Jennifer Laporte after confessing his love for Lisa. Lisa Kentzell was his CEO and the two were having a secret affair.

Leo confessed it on the podcast, online and thus the news spread like wild fire. There were controversies and confusions all over the social media. Twitter played a huge role in the spread of the news. It is also said that Leo has two children, daughters namely Abby Laporte and Henry Laporte. Leo has earned a handsome amount all his life and the present financial reports of the year 2016-2017 estimate his net worth to be $5 million.