Janet Lee Bouvier took birth on 3rd of December 1907 in Manhattan, New York city. Her birth name was Janet Norrton Lee. The great socialite passed away on 22nd of July in 1989 at the age of 81 in rhode island of U.S . The reason of her death was that she was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. A person suffering from this disease faces memory loss and inability to think and remember properly thus the daily life is disturbed, this problem starts slowly and then reaches its peaks. The main reason for this disease is old age. Lee was a well known socialite. A socialite is a person who gets involved in social activities for a cause or may be for entertainment. Trinity church was where her funeral was held and she was buried next to her husband Hugh D. Auchincloss. The couple was buried at the island ceremetery.

Lee  did her schooling from Spence school and went to Sweet Briar College and then to Vassar College. Her parents were James Thomas Lee and Margaret A, Meritt. She also had two siblings, sisters namely Winiford Norton Lee and Marion Norton Lee.  Lee tied matrimonial knots three times. First in 1928 with John Vernou but his drinking addiction and going out with other ladies caused problem between the two and they separated in 1930.

She was also the United States president’s mother-in-law at that time who was John F. Kennedy. Hugh D. Auchincloss was her second husband, in 1942 the couple got married and had 2 children together but she was left a widow when Hugh died. While for Hugh, Lee was his third wife. Thus, the third time she got married to Bingham Booch Morris who was her friend since childhood in the year 1979 and was again separated in 1981 but hadn’t signed divorce papers when Lee died in 1989.

Lee’s biography tells us that the former United States First lady was her daughter, James Thomas Lee and the mother usually stood for her in the functions of the White House. So in total Lee had four children namely, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, Caroline Lee Bouvier, Janet Jennings Auchincloss and James Lee Auchinloss.

There are many books, newspaper articles on the whole family. ‘Janet and Jackie’ is a book written by Janice Potker which is based on the mother’s role in her daughter’s life. At a time it was one of the best selling books.

Lee was a very well known socialite thus there are many articles on her life all over the internet, Wiki for instance. Instagram pages on socialism are many times flashed with Lee’s photograph. While many other socialites on twitter mention her name when the talk about socialism. Thus, she was one of the best socialite America has given birth to, her stories of how and what she served for the society can be  read on the internet. All her life she earned good and her net worth was huge when we compare her with other socialites of that time.