Laurel Coppock

Laurel Coppock has shown that nothing is impossible in life, if you set your mind towards acheiving the goal. Having been the hearththrob of millions of fans, she truly is a versatile personality

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Laurel Coppock was born in the United States. We could not record her exact date and year of birth but both her parents were Americans. She was the eldest daughter of her parents and had a sister. From her early childhood, she loved the glamour world. Her sole inspiration from her childhood was her parents. Her mother was an established model and her father was a renowned producer.

She used to go to the film sets regularly with her mother and was very excited by the lights and camera. She always wanted to be in such an environment. She used to insist her parents to allow her but they denied. Her parents wanted her to focus in her studies as they thought that it would distract her. She did not focus in her studies and her grades were very low consistently. She was dropped out of the school when she was in high school.

Laurel Coppock started doing modelling and commercial after this happened. She had a nice figure and her smart attitude fetched her better chance in her modelling career. Soon, she made her footing strong in the modelling industry. Laurel posed very well and her bold poses and body language gained her more popularity as a model. She was starred in several advertisements and television commercials after her huge success. However, she was not fully satisfied with her income and took up some part time jobs.

Laurel Coppock has served as a receptionist and after that as a secretary in a company. She took some training in acting as she always wanted to pursue her career as an actress. While working, she also gave several auditions for different films and television shows. When she got selected for a television show, she was given a minor supporting role. She was very disheartened at this as her skill was not recognised at all.

Though she had to face several hurdles, she never gave up on her dreams. She tried hard and practised whenever she got any time to improve her skills. After two years, she was chosen in a major supporting role in a popular film. She also received a lot of praises for her appearance in the film.

She was also nominated for Best Actress in Supporting Role Award for her presentation in the film. Besides being a very good actress, she is also an active social worker. She imparts major social roles and is also recognised for her confidence to stand against all odds. She has raised her voice for many social causes like child abuses, physical tortures, child labour and importance of mental health. Throughout the period of her journey, she has always received the support from her parents, family and friends. She is now leading a happy married life with her husband and her children.

31 Dec, 2017