Laura Ingram

Laura Ingraham is a host and author, who is very popular among her fans. She is very famous for her political views. She is also popular as a political commentator.

Laura Ingraham was born in the year 1963 on June 19th. She was born in the United States. She was brought up in a Polish family to her parents James Frederick Ingraham III and Anne Caroline. As both of her parents worked she stayed with her grandparents for most of the time. She had no siblings and thus, she was very close to her grandparents.

Her grandfather took great interest in politics and she was greatly inspired by him. She used to discuss various problems in the political world with her grandparents. She showed a great understanding in politics, at a very early age. She was also a very good student in her school. She went to the Glastonbury High School in her town. She took part in regular debate competitions in her school. As she grew up, her interest towards politics also grew. She wanted to pursue a professional career, where she can follow her passion.

She joined the University of Virginia School of Law, in the year 1991. She earned a bachelor's degree in Arts. During this time, she also worked as an intern in the newspaper ‘The Dartmouth Review’. When she completed her university studies, she was offered the position of editor in chief in the company. She was also awarded as the first female editor in the office. She was given the responsibility to handle the controversial articles of the company. She also stood against some of the strong issues of the society like poverty and women harassment. She also believed in gender equality and wanted to prove the fact that men and women must have equal rights.

She explored different fields of work and in the year 1980, she started her career as a writer. She started writing speeches and scripts and started working as the Domestic Policy Advisor. She has also worked with The Prospect. When she took a free time from her professional career, she renewed her law degree and started working as a law clerk in the court. She also hosted radio programmes for cable television. She also hosted television shows for the Fox News. She has also received several offers from the other news channels but she did not have much time to involve herself in those offers.

When it comes to her personal life, she has a tragic life. She was involved in a long time relationship with his friend James V. Reyes. She also got engaged to him in the year 2005. Later in the year, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Due to this, her relationship also came to an end and the marriage was also called off. Later, when she recovered from the therapy, she adopted three children from an adoption centre and is leading her life happily with them. They have now become a part of her life.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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