Kyla Drew Simmons

Biography and Age of Kyla Drew Simmons is a famous American Film and Television Actress popularly known for her big role as ‘Joy Birch’ in Academy Award Nominated film “Prisoners”. Kyla was born in Atlanta, Georgia on 17th April 2004 and thus, his current age is 14 years. Later she moved to Los Angeles along with her mother, K. Simmons to pursue her career of acting.

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Kyla has a younger brother Kiyan Drew and she loves him. She belongs to a mixed ethnicity of Latin and Africa. She strongly believes in her mother and respects her for all the sacrifices and efforts she made for Kyla. The actress considers her mother as a role model who has guided, taught, encouraged and supported Kyla in each and every way. However, she has not mentioned anywhere about her father.


How popular is Kyla Drew Simmons as an Actress?

Kyla Drew Simmons achieved a success at her early age as an actress. She is popularly known for her main and recurring roles in 'Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn’ as Mae Valentine. Kyla is a phenomenal actress. At the age of 6, she started acting and has appeared in several roles in TV- series and films. Later, she has guest-starred in Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS, Jessie, Battle Creek, Castle and ‘How I met your mother’. Kyla also starred in movie ‘Soul ties’ in 2015 as young Terry. In 2017, she appeared in another TV series ‘Wisdom of the Crowd.

Kyla first appeared in an episode of ‘The Neighbours’ in 2012. However, the remarkable long role was played by her of a daughter of Terrence Howard and Viola Davis in the Psycho-thriller film ‘Prisoners’. The movie was nominated by Oscar.

Kyla is a big fan of the game ‘Fortnite’ and thus she played in a video ‘Top 10 Fortnite tips’ of Famous birthdays 2018.


 Kyla Drew Simmons’s Net worth and income?

Kyla has started her career as a child actress propably when she was six. She has also made many appearances in un-credited roles. It is not possible to estimate her actual Net worth or earning, however, one can be assured that she must be earning handsomely through her TV roles (main or recurring), guest appearances or Film roles.


Facts of Kyla Drew Simmons:

Having tasted stardom at a young age, Kyla (also known as Kylie by her nickname), has made a special place among her fans and followers. She is active on social networking platforms like Twitter or Instagram and the American artist keeps on posting her gorgeous family photos, videos on these media. Kyla loves her fans and she makes sure that she directly interacts with them through her social networking appearances.

Kyla can also perform sign language and can speak Spanish fluently. Kyla’s birth sign is Aries.

Kyla has an average height and athletic body with brown eyes and black hair. Her voice type is Soprano or Alto. She is more mature than her age. She loves and supports her family.

18 Nov, 2018