Kristian Merrill Bush drew his first breath on 14th March in the year 1970. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. However, he grew up outside of it, in a tiny Tennessee’s town with some 15,000 population called Sevierville. Already in a very young age, Kristian started to play music, first on a violin when he was just 4 years old. He has a younger brother, named Brandon, with whom he started to perform, when they were still kids, at the Bush Jeans Beans Jamboree. Young Kristian studied at a music school and started to learn playing guitar. As a teenager, he began to create his own, unique music.


When Kristian Bush was 11 years old, he attended violin lessons at the University of Tennessee. Then, there was a time in his biography when he was enrolled in the Connecticut’s Avon Old Farms School of Boarding, and so Kristian graduated from it in 1988. After that, Kristian obtained a degree in Creating Writing at the Atlanta’s Emory University.

Career Experience

As a teenager, he started to write his songs, play his own music, and record first demo, homemade albums. At the beginning of 1990s, Kristian Bush started his career of the singer by creating a folk rock band, named Billy Piligrim, along with Andrew Hyra. First time, they met in Tennessee’s Knoxville, where Andrew Hyra formed a duo band with the sister of his, Annie. Annie Hyra, by the way, voiced in one album of Bush, titled “Politics and Pocketchange.”

After Hyra and Bush moved to Atlanta to look for an active music career, they signed a deal with Atlantic Records and released a couple of albums in cooperation with this label. In particular, it is going about their debut “Billy Piligrim” (1994) as well as the following “Bloom” (1995). Both albums shot up in the charts, occupying the places in the top 5. At that time, the band actively performed throughout the country, beginning with small stages and ending with worldwide tours.

In 2002, Kristian Bush founded a group, named Sugarland, and thereafter he struck a deal with Mercury Records Nashville. After he took the music fans by storm when he had started to perform with Jennifer Nettles, he achieved an incredible success. The number of the sold copies of their music exceeded the figure of 22 million. Together, they have won numerous awards, including CMA Awards, CMT Music Awards, Awards of the Academy of Country Music, American Music Awards, and Grammies. They have topped various charts over and over again. After all, their names appeared in the Georgia’s Music Hall of Fame.

However, Kristian Bush began his solo career in 2011. Then, he founded a company that operates in publishing music. Apart from numerous activities in which he has taken place, his career of the solo musician proceeded and he released “Southern Gravity”, his first solo album, in the spring in the year 2015. His net worth up to date is believed to be $14 million.

Personal life

Kristian Bush had been married to Jill Bush, with whom they have two children: a daughter, named Camilie, and a son, named Tucker. However, they later had to divorce, and, as Kristian Bush told, he is grateful to his wife for a good, peaceful separation.


The singer released 5 albums with the Billy Piligrim and 8 albums with Sugarland. He has also made solo releases, such as “Paint It All” (2002). There are also two singles, “Love or Money” (2013) and “Trailer Hitch” (2014), as well as his first solo album “Southern Gravity”.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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