Kirk Franklin, a choir artist, a gospel singer and a musician by profession, came to life on January 26th 1970. He is a Native American and was born in Texas, US. Kirk was born to his parents, while had a very troubled childhood. His mother left him when he was a kid and he was later taken care of by his aunt and grandmother. His Aunt had to do very small and odd works to bring him up. However she ensured that Kirk learns Piano during his childhood and enrolled him in the Piano classes when he was just 4 years of age. Kirk also started playing other musical instruments at a very young age. Kirk also got his first musical offer at the young age of 7 years, however his aunt refused to that offer.

Kirk has grown in a very religious environment since his childhood, however he was of very rebellious nature. He was even expelled from his school because of his behavior problems. Kirk has admitted in the past to have the addiction of pornography but he later on went on through some program to get rid of the addiction. Kirk is married to his present wife ‘Tammy Collins’ who was also his girlfriend since very long. Both Kirk and Tammy have remained friends since they were very young and the couple has stayed together since 1996 along with their 4 children, 2 of them from Kirk and Tammy and 2 from their past relationships. Kirk and Tammy have even appeared in the past in some TV shows together.

According to his biography, Kirk started performing at a church because of the persistence of his aunt, as a choir artist. However soon he left there and started performing in some stage shows and other concerts. But later on he came back and joined a church again as a choir artist to perform there. Here Kirk was noticed by a very prominent gospel musician named Milton Biggham. Milton helped Kirk join a choir group named ‘The Family’ and the group came up with their debut album in 1993 and the album went on to become a major hit. Later on the group came up with multiple other albums and all of them were much appreciated by the audiences.

Kirk later on also produced many solo albums and he debuted with his solo album named ‘The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin’ in 2002. Kirk went on to produce around 10 solo albums and most of his songs were featured amongst the top charts in US. Kirk has been a recipient of many awards including 7 Grammy awards, a feat which is very difficult to achieve. He has also won 13 GMA awards and 15 Stellar awards. All these albums and awards took Kirk to huge fame and he has become a very popular figure in the US and abroad.

Kirk’s net worth is projected to be around $8.5 million and is projected to increase in the future as well because of his continuous engagements at international level with music. Kirk is also very active on social media like Twitter and has got over 1 million followers on Twitter.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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