Kimberly Hunt

Kimberly Hunt is a very popular television reporter and news anchor. She is famous for hosting several events and for her television appearances with many popular celebrities.

Personal life

Kimberly Hunt was born in Ventura, California. We could not discover any information about her date of birth from her biography. Though Kimberly was born in Ventura, California, she grew up in Napa to her parents. As her father worked in the administrative position, she has got the chance to travel to many places. She was the only child of her parents and was pampered a lot by her parents. Kimberly was very close to her father and loved him even more than her mother. Kimberly’s mother remained very busy due to her job and so, she used to spent most of her time with her father.

When Kimberly was ten years old, her father passed away due to a serious health disorder. According to the medical reports, the main cause behind her father’s death was heart attack. She was mentally and emotionally broken after her father passed away. Kimberly started living with her mother. She became very depressed and went through an emotional trauma in her personal life. Kimberly could not even concentrate in her studies for a long time. Her mother had to take her to several counsellors to help her get over the emotional crisis. It took her about three years to get over the crisis.

Kimberly started concentrating in her education and career goals. She was interested in literature more than science and arts. Kimberly always wanted to become an author in the future but her mother wanted to make her an actress. Kimberly had a very nice figure and personality due to which her mother wanted her to become an actress. However, the girl never had any interest in acting and glamour. She has always wanted to pursue a career which would keep her connected to the social world. After completing her high school graduation, Kimberly went to the San Francisco State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree with a major degree in journalism.

Kimberly shares her personal life with her followers on social media. She is married to her colleague, Billy Ray Smith. The couple was also blessed with a daughter and she is now leading a happy marital life with her family and there is no news about the separation or divorce.


As it was becoming quite hard for her mother to afford all the expenses, Kimberly took a part time job at a local radio station, KVON TV, to fund her university education. She worked there as a radio news reporter. This part time job also helped her to gain some experience before pursuing her professional career. Kimberly was appointed at the ABC Network News in the position of a news researcher. She is now working with the KGTV as a news anchor and reporter. She has taken several interviews of many famous celebrities and personalities. Kimberly has secured several awards for her career which is the reason of her high net worth.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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