Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly is the ring name of Barbara Jean Blank and she is an American Model, a professional wrestler and a television star. She is working at WWE. From the start, she won the WWE Divas Championship during June 2011 and held this time for 3 months and retired in 2012. From 2015, she appeared in reality television show named WAGS.

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Kelly Kelly was born in the city of Jacksonville in Florida. She was professional wresting fan while growing up and she says that Stone Cold Steve Austin is her favorite wrestler. As a child, she attended gymnasium for 10 years and had to quit because of injury. Afterwards she became a cheerleader. She attended school where she did broadcast journalism and she was hoping to be a news anchor. She attended Hawaiian Tropic and then Venus Swimwear Bikini model.

When she was working in the modeling career, John Laurinaltis, an official of World Wrestling Entertainment scouted her and showed interest in signing a contract with her. Even if she had no other wrestling experience, she got a contract and he signed it in 2006. She started as a ring announcer, then a referee and ended up as a wrestler on her own. The first match she was in was Divas Battle Royal.

She also appeared at Florida Championship Wrestling and this was another developmental territory. From her biography, Blank was meant to start with the name Kelly but Vince McMahon expanded it to be Kelly Kelly. She was the youngest Diva found at WWE roster when she was only 19 years old. Her character which was a striptease, it was being introduced by a striptease to the crowd. She had on screen boyfriend called Knox and would come to cover her up and to take her away of the crowd. This had become a weekly segment and it was known as Kelly’s Expose.

Kelly challenged Brie Bella to fight for WWE Divas Championship but she did not win. In one month, she was able to win and defeated Bella to get the Divas Championship. Blank worked like a WWE ambassador and she visited backstage where she was being interviewed by Blank had many media appearance with acting roles. Together with Maryse Ouellet, Torrie Wilson, Brooke Adams, Layta El and Ashley Massaro, they were in the Timbaland song called Throw it On Me and it featured The Hives. All the three members for the Extreme Expose also took part in the photo shoot of FHM Online.

When it comes to her personal life, Blank was living in the city of Kentucky, Tampa and Miami and Malibu. She was in relationship with Andrew martin another wrestler but the relationship ended before his death. She is married to Sheldon Souray, an ice hockey. Her net worth is estimated to be around 4 million dollars.

26 Feb, 2018