Kelley James

Kelly James had been born in the year 1983 and he is American singer and songwriter who live in Los Altos in California. He did tour the nation and he played with some people such as Weezer, Goo Goo Dolls and O.A.R. He also toured in Australia. He is a person who performs regularly on PGA Tour Events and plays at Birds Nest at Phoenix Open. He did perform at Rock Ball in San Diego for Farmer’s Insurance.

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According to his biography, James was born in the city of California and grew up in the Bay Area. He started to play music when he reached 12 years old and this is when he got the first guitar. He says that the time he spent in Bay Area did have strong musical influence because of the wide range of the music that he got exposed to. The early interest into the music got sparked by the Grunge artist such as Pearl Jam, Sound Garden and Nirvana.

His music had been inspired by the singer and songwriters such Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper and Sublime. The California hip-hop became the inspiration which made James to integrate freestyle rapping within his music. James continues to be independent artist and had some financed tours with sponsorship deals with some brands like Honda, Corona Muscle Milk and Oakley. For his personal life, Kelley James got married and his wife is Renne Herlocker. They have got two children, a daughter called Bowyn and a son called Camden.

Kelly James had brought an entertainment twist with his music into the game and had become one of the sought after entertainers who perform at golf events and tournaments. Regardless if he is singing the cover songs or he is sprinkling new materials or just wowing a crowd with the freestyle rap, James continues to own the green with each performance.

James is also an avid golfer and had made a name in this industry and he displays some talents in the Pro-Am for Safe Way Open of PGA Tour while playing at Silverado Resort and Spa.

Kelley James got interested in the musical career, and there was too much of rock with hip music in the year 1990. Groups such as Sublime with the performers such as Tupac, were people who influenced his musical style. His own talent became apparent at once, when he found out that the music had some advantages.

While in high school, he would hang out with some girls and he was writing songs on them. When he became a freestyle rapper, some people were not convinced and he started to ask the audience about which words he would key into the rap but some people continue to doubt. When it comes to awards, he won Independent Music Awards for having Best Album Pop.

27 Sep, 2018