Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is a well-known American singer, songwriter, and actress who was born as Lauren Keyana Palmer on 26th August 1993 in Harvey Illinois, USA. 25 years old Keke gained fame very soon as she entered the entertainment industry in 2002. She is still active and focusing on her goals to become a more successful actress.

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Personal Life

She was born on 26th August 1993 to Larry Palmer and Sharon Palmer in Harvey, Illinois, USA. She has 3 siblings named Lawrence Palmer, Lawrencia Palmer, and Loreal Palmer. Larry Palmer, her father, works in a Polyurethane company and Sharon Palmer, her mother, works as a teacher in a high school. Both of her parents have been professional actors before. Her biography depicts the story of her talent and passion.

She started to pursue her dream early in her childhood when she performed well at the age 5 while singing in a church. She again gave a surprising performance in a play when she was 6. She auditioned for a stage play at nine and was appreciated for her talent, but she couldn’t get that part for being too young for that play. Her parents saw her potential and moved to Los Angeles so that she could pursue her dreams.

She is a young actress and has never been married so she has never gone through a divorce either. Two of her relationships have made it to the news though. She dated her crush, Rodney King for 3 years till 2013 and then she got into a relationship with Quincy Brown. However, she is still single.


Keke has been passionate about singing and acting since her childhood. After her good performances in her early years, when her parents saw her talents, they moved to Los Angeles. She got her first role in the movie “Barbershop 2: Back to Business” in 2004. It was a small role, but she got the chance to show her talents. In 2004, she also got roles in the TV series “Cold Case” and in a commercial too.

In no time she was also selected for a movie role opposite William H. Macy. In 2005 she released her first song. In the same year, she got a chance to act in a TV film and more guest roles in different series. Later, in next few years, she kept on succeeding as she was acting as well as singing theme songs for movies and TV shows. She has also been a voice actress.

She has been nominated for different awards, including “Screen Actors Guild”. She received “Young Artist Award” and a lot of other awards for her performance. Her net worth is yet to be revealed, but she must worth a lot for being a successful actress and singer.

01 Nov, 2018