Keith Lieberthal

Keith Lieberthal is an American lawyer who was born on 23rd August 1977 in Ohio, The United States. He has majored in law and has become a successful lawyer. He is currently working at Clinical Advisors, LLC. He is also widely known because he is married to the American actress and producer Julianna Margulies.

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Personal Life

Keith was born to a Jewish couple on 23rd August 1977 in Ohio, The United States. According to the information available in his biography, there is not much information about his parents and family except that he is the son of American politician Kenneth Guy Lieberthal. He is a lawyer and he got his degree from Harvard Law School. Before going to Harvard for a law degree, he got his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Dartmouth College.

Keith is married to an American actress and producer Julianna Margulies. The actress Julianna Margulies married to Keith for the second time. She was in a matrimonial relationship before and got separated. She said that she had never imagined being married again until she met him. She has also said that she Keith at a dinner party. Julianna had past relationships and even went through a divorce, but Keith has never been divorced.

They got married on 10th November 2007 when Julianna was 7 months pregnant. The wedding ceremony was not highlighted. It was just the gathering of family and close friends and in front of them, the couple vowed to be there for each other for life. Soon after their wedding, they welcomed their son into the family. They are still going strong and happy in a committed relationship.


Keith is a successful lawyer and he has worked with a lot of big organizations. There is not much information about his early education and high school. However, he went to Dartmouth College for his bachelor’s degree. He did bachelors in philosophy. He remained enrolled in that college from 1991 to 1995. After graduation, he aimed to become a lawyer and went to Harvard to pursue his dream. He graduated in 1999 from Harvard.

During his Harvard years, he was the prominent member of the student advisory board. He has worked and provided his expertise services on Wall Street for 6 years. He started his first job after his bachelor’s degree in 1995. Since then he has worked with different organizations in various positions. He provided his services on different corporate roles and he has been an associate consultant for various organizations. Currently, he is working as a senior director of Lincoln Center for the performing arts.

Even though he has worked on Wall Street and has also been given various roles in large firms, the net worth of Keith Lieberthal is still unknown. He is reported to be earning around 250k Dollars yearly. However, his wife being in the entertainment industry, worth a lot more than him. He has provided his services in various fields, yet there is no record of any awards.

01 Nov, 2018