Katty Kay’s real name is Katherine Katty Kay and she was born 1964 in the city of Wallingford in the city of Berkshire. She is a journalist of English origins. She is a lead News Presenter for BBC World News America and she worked for BBC News Washington DC like a correspondent in the year 2002. Up to 2009, Kay was a blogger on the Website called True/Slant. He is the Board Member on the IWMF (International Women’s Media Foundation).

From her biography, Kay was raised in the city of Blewbury in the Berkshire known as Oxfordshire now and she spent most of her time in the Middle East Countries since this is where her father was working like a British Diplomat. She did modern language with university of Oxford and she speaks Italian and French. When she graduated, she worked for Bank of England for some time and she decided to stop a career in economics and decided to go in Zimbabwe, working for aid agency.

After sometime, her friend called Matt Frei, he used a tape recorder and then persuaded her to be a journalist. Kay joined the BBC in the 1990 and she was a correspondent in Zimbabwe working for African Section for BBC World Services. She went back to London where she started to work in BBC world Service radio and this is before she was posted to go to Tokyo to work for BBC News television and then worked for Washington D.C. Afterwards, she started to work for The Times News Bureau and he returned to work for BBC like a freelance journalist in the year 2002 based in United States.

Since 2004, Kay was a co-presenter of BBC World News Bulletin together with Mike Embley in the city of London. She appeared like a guest star for Meet The Press, Morning Joe and The Chris Matthews Show. She also appeared at Larry King Live of CNN and she was the substitutes of Diane Rehm for The Diane Rehm Show at NPR.

Katty Kay is the author of two different books and one is Womenomic that was published by Harper Collins and it was co-written with senior national correspondent of Good Morning America at ABC News called Claire Shipman. She was exploring redefinition for success by working women according to the new trends and the value women are given in business world.

Katty Kay got married to Tom Carver; he is a current control risks group’s senior vice president and an ex-BBC reporter. They have now four children with her husband. She is not religious. Katty Kay is believed to have got plastic surgery, because of constant pressure to be presentable. She is 50 year-old fierce journalist and she had been the regular face on the living rooms for years now. Even if she had not talked about having the surgery, it is obvious taking into account her before and after pictures. Her net worth is not recorded yet.