Kate Shaw is a famous Australian planning activist and artist of Melbourne. She is also famous for her marriage with Chris Hayes.

Personal life

Kate Shaw was born in Melbourne in 1961. There are no details about her parents, siblings and her childhood. She is married to Chris Hayes. Chris is a famous journalist and commentator. He is famous for his show, All in With Chris Hayes. They have two children. She lives with her husband and two children in New York.

Kate married Chris in 2007. It was said that Chris was her college sweetheart. Chris never mentioned that he was dating Kate. She never announced her engagement to the public. Their wedding was also a small private event. Only close friends and family members were invited to the same. They both are seen together at a lot of events. He once stated that he is very lucky to have Kate as his wife. They agreed that they have insane working hours that they hardly see each other. Yet, there are no problems in their marital life. There are no rumors about any problems or fights in their marital life and thus, it is assumed that they are living a happy and peaceful life without any chance of divorce in the near future. Chris has openly stated his salary and net worth to public but, Kate has not shared any of her financial information to the media.

Kate’s previous romantic relationships are not known to media. She was never a part of any celebrity relationships before meeting Chris. She was never married nor engaged before meeting Chris. She was never rumored to be a part of any affair in the past. Since she has kept her personal life far away from media, there is very little chance that we will be knowing about her marital life or childhood in near future. Their children are also kept far away from the media’s radar. You can find pictures of her family in her social media pages but, she does not share anything very private in her pages.


She started her career in 1980s with Alternative Theatre and Arts Publicity. She then took a break from her career to get her degree in Museum Studies and Urban Policy and Planning. In 1999, she took up a teaching job at University of Melbourne to teach planning law, urban design and political economy.

Kate became famous after her work being showcased at ART 14 in London. She also gave out many solo exhibitions. She toured to many museums in Asia as a part of her work. She worked as a fellow research associate in many projects. For her work in planning and art, she was awarded numerous awards. She was nominated for numerous prestigious awards like Redlands Prize, Prudential Eye Award and many others. She won the Artists Wanted award in New York in 2012. She was even awarded a residency in New York for her work. She currently works as a professor of law at Benjamin Cardozo school of law in New York. Her future career plans are not known to media.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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