Kat Cole is an American businesswoman. Currently working as the group president of the focus group. Personal life Katrina “Kat” Cole born on March 18, 1978, in Jacksonville, Florida, United States and raised in Orange Park Florida. She was eldest of three sisters.

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When Kat Cole was just nine years old, her father divorced her mother. After divorce Cole’s mother moved to Orange Park, Florida. Kat Cole’s mother raised all three girls as a single mother. After her mother’s divorce, it was being difficult for Cole’s mother to bear the Household expenses. Thus, Kat Cole helped her mother by paying some of the household expenses. She began to work at a body shop. She worked at the body shop until she started her career in Hooters as a hostess.

Kat Cole completed her MBA in 2010 from Georgia State University. So long as her education is concerned Cole persuaded undergraduate engineering program from the University of North Florida but she dropped out to focus on her career at Hooters. To get an admission in MBA program at Georgia University, she managed a recommendation letter of 10 CEO's, including Ted Truner. Georgia State University was one of the few schools that allow experienced students who didn’t complete a bachelor degree so she allowed to attend a diploma program but she was asked ten CEO's letter of recommendation. Kat Cole got engaged with Delay Ervin in 2015 and soon in 2016, the couple got married. Their marriage took place at Burning Man.


She started her career by working at a body shop. Later, she joined Hooters & worked as a hostess. At the opening of first Hooters in Australia, Cole was sent to train & motivate new employee of Hooters. She traveled to various countries in order to train employees of Hooters. At the age of 26, Cole was elected as a vise president of Hooters. In her working period, the growth of Hooters increased rapidly from 100 location & revenue of $100 million to 500 locations in 33 countries and $1 billion in revenue.

In 2010, Cinnabon Inc hired Kat Cole. She became the president of Cinnabon in January 2011. During the first 3 years of her presidency, Cinnabon became a global brand in 56 countries. Cinnabon's 2013 sales were estimated at a billion dollars. In 2015, Cole became a group president of focus brand, the brand that owns Cinnabon, Moe’s and Auntie Anne’s. She has achieved various awards in her careers, Cole was also recognized by Fortune magazine for its 40 under 40 List.

01 Nov, 2018