Juanita Jordan

Juanita Jordan was working as a model before and was the wife of Michael Jordan who is a former NBA basketball and also a baseball player. She worked as the secretary of American Bar association. With the ex-husband, Juanita is a co-founder for Michael and Juanita Jordan Endowment Fund. It is a charity organization. She had also tried to work in the real estate business. Juanita is the mother to three children and she is known among the humble ex-wives.

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She does not want to get undue attention so she stays away of the limelight. By nature, she is an introvert person and she is not too involved into the social media such as Instagram or Twitter. She likes to be with her family and children and she does not have to work every day being one of the richest women with a net worth of 170 million dollars. Such net worth was gotten from the business ventures and modeling career with also the divorce settlement from her former husband.

According to her biography, Juanita Jordan was born as Juanita Vanoy and started the career in modeling from the time she was still a teenager. She modeled for many projects and she started to work as the executive secretary of American Bar Association. She got more attention when she started the relationship with a former professional basketball and a baseball player. Together with the husband, they opened the Michael Jordan endowment fund. It is an organization which supports the charity and after this, she started the career with real estate.

Juanita Jordan and Michael Jordan met when they were in Chicago Bennigan’s restaurant and the first time was in the year 1984. In few weeks, they also met at a party of a friend. In few weeks, they started to date and in the year 1987, Michael proposed at Nick’s Fish Market in Chicago. The proposal led to an engagement it got called off after sometime.

However, after sometime, Jordan married Vanoy, because he got her pregnant. The two got married in 1989 in the city of Las Vegas and their son Jeffery Michael Jordan was only 10 months that time. After this marriage, they got other children, Jasmine and Marcus Jordan. In the year 2002, Juanita Jordan asked for a divorce and the reason for the divorce is irreconcilable differences.

She withdrew the divorce and they reconciled but after some time, she asked to get a divorce once again. Her divorce settlement was 168 million dollars and it became the largest divorce settlement at the time.

Juanita Vanoy was born in the year 1959 and it was in Chicago in Illinois State. She got raised in the South Side Chicago and she spent most of the childhood there. After the divorce, she has not started any other relationship yet.

25 Oct, 2018