Jonny Lee Miller

Jonny Lee Miller was born in 1972 and he is theater, television and film actor. He got the first acting breakthrough in the comedy drama film named Transporting and he was Dade Murphy in the Hackers. Afterwards, he got critical recognition for the performance in Mansfield Park and Afterglow, T2 Trainspotting, Endgame and The Flying Scotsman. He got the nomination for London film Critic’s Circle as an actor of the year.

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He had also a part of principal cast of Melinda and Melinda, Byzantium and Dark Shadows. He had appeared in different theatrical production at Frankenstein and After Miss Julie. Miller starred as the title character of ABC comedy drama named Eli Stone and he got the Satellite awards nomination as Best Actor. Afterwards, he starred in the BBC costume drama Emma where he was in the supporting role of Jordan Chase for its fifth season. He now plays like Sherlock Holmes a crime drama of CBS. He got also the Satellite Award nomination like the Best Actor.

According to his biography, he was born in the city of Kingston upon Thames of Surrey in November, 1972. His father is Alan Miller and his mother is Anna Lee. He was influenced by the parents to start acting since the two were theatre actors and they were working at BBC as stage production. He has dual nationality of British- American. The grandfather was Bernard Lee and the played as M in 11 films of James Bond films. Miller does not remember too much of him because he died when he was still too young.

Miller went to Tiffin School when he was still a child. He was in different school plays like The Ragged Child together with other prestigious actors like Nick Mitchem and he performed together with Tiffin Swing Band. Afterwards, he joined National Youth Music Theatre and this is where he performed together with Jude Law. He stopped the school when he was only 16 and he wanted to follow acting career.

Jonny made the television debut in the Doctor Who of BBC but it was not credited. Afterwards, he was in Jemima Shore while he has a role in Charles Price in Mansfield Park Serial drama. He continued to appear in different television shows up to 1990. It included two separate guest roles at ITV procedural known as The Bill.

The first role he had in movies, was in Hackers together with Angelina Jolie and they married in the year 1996. When he played as Wan McGregor and he had to use a Scottish accident. For theater, he was in Four Nights of Knaresborough.

For his personal life, Jonny Lee Miller got married to Angelina Jolie and the marriage lasted only 18 months but they continued to be good friends. He married again model Michele Hicks and they had a son. He is available on different social medias and he has made a net worth of 10 million.

18 Dec, 2017