John Stamos

John Stamos is an American actor and a musician. He has starred in various series and television shows.

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Personal Life

Full name of John Stamos is John Phillip Stamos. He was born on August 19, 1963, in Anaheim, California, USA. His father is William Stamos and mother is Loretta Phillips, his father is a Greek immigrant and their original surname was ‘Stamatopoulos’. His mother is of Irish Descent. He has two siblings, Alana Stamos and Janeen Stamos.

As his father had a restaurant in his younger days, he used to help him out and helped him especially with the burgers in Orange County. He attended John F. Kennedy High School and was a member of the marching band and played several times. He attended the Beach Boys Concert for the first time at the age of 15 as he was a big fan and he would later tour with the band.

In 1981, John pursued to initiate his acting career with the blessings of his father and after three weeks, he landed a role in General Hospital. In 1994 he met Romijn, a Victoria’s secret model in their show and became engaged on December 24, 1997, and got married on September 19th, 1998, at the Beverly Hills hotel but sadly announced their separation in 2004 and He filed for a divorce in August of 2004.

On October 23th, 2017, he got engaged to actress and model Caitlin McHugh after they had dated for a year. Stamos as McHugh got married in February of 2018 and are expecting their first child, due in spring of 2018.


John’s career began immediately just after three weeks of pursuing his acting career as he got a role in a soap opera ‘General Hospital’ as the role of Blackie Parrish in the year 1982. For this role, he got nominated for the Daytime Emmy Award of 1984.

Later in 1986, he played another role in a sitcom ‘You Again’ with actor Jack Klugman. In the late 80’s he landed one of the major roles in ABC’s full house as the role of Jesse, who lived with his brother-in-law as his sister had died and he also lived with his best friend ’Joey’. The three friends helped each other raise three girls after eight seasons in 1995, the series came to an end.

After the highly series full house ended, he appeared in various televisions shows, advertisements, and as guest stars in various series including ‘Friends’ in the 9th season in an episode where Chandler and Monica were interviewing him for a sperm donor in which he was unaware of, an episode which was a big hit. He also starred in Thieves and Jake in Progress.

He also features his voice in animation, such as in MTV animated series ‘Clone High’ and in another animated film called Farce of the Penguins. He was also the roast master for Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget in 2008. Until now, John Stamos's net worth is estimated to be $40 million dollars.

17 Feb, 2018