John Melendez, also popularly known as Stuttering John, is an actor, a radio artist and a writer by profession. He came to life on October 4th 1965. He is typically known for sarcastic style of humor and for his stutter. He was born in Massapequa, New York, United States and is a Native American. John has been known to be very jovial since his young age and has got many friends because of his charming personality and happy nature. John however had a troubled childhood.

He was born to his parents who did not have a very healthy relation. His parents used to fight over various issues and this had a psychological impact over John at a very young age and due to this he started stuttering and could not pronounce the words properly. He has been stuttering since then and now it has become one of the characteristic for him that define him. John did his high school from ‘Plainedge High School’ and later on graduated from ‘New York University’ with specialization in film making. Jon was very often bullied by his school and college mates because of his stuttering speech. However John became the part of a rock band during his college days.

John became husband to his wife Suzanna Keller and the couple has 3 children as well with the names Gretta, Lilly and Oscar who came to life in 1996, 2001 and 2006 respectively. The long relation of John and Suzanna came to an end when they separated after filing a divorce in 2011 because of some internal issues. However later on John did not remain in news for any of his relation post-divorce.

According to his biography, John started his career with a major breakthrough in the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’ immediately after his graduation. This was a radio show which went on to become a popular hit. However John did not start the show as an anchor or the host. Initially he used to screen the calls from the callers for their quality. Later on because of his wits and stuttering problem, he was made the main host to the show with him asking weird questions to the celebrities in his characteristic stuttering tone. The show also remained in much news because of its controversial episodes and absurd questions asked to the celebrities.

John later on hosted another show named ‘The Tonight Show’ and gained much popularity because of that as well. He has also been a part of other radio shows including ‘The Jay Leno Show’, ‘The Stephanie Miller Show’, ‘Tripping the Rift’ and others. John apart from radio has also acted in various movies including ‘Airheads’, ‘Olive or Twists’, ‘Meet Walky Sports’, ‘One, Two, Many’ amongst others. He has acted in over 10 movies. He also has written around 4 shows as well as movies.

John because of his popularity on radio is a rich celebrity and charges high rates as salary for the episodes he does. He was said to be charging $10,000,000 annually for the popular show ‘The Howard Stern Show’. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million and is projected to increase in future.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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