John Kidd was born in the year 1961 and it was in Springfield in Illinois. He is a former professional under nfl. He was playing as a punter and he played for Detroit Lions, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, San Diego chargers and Buffalo Bills. John Kidd was highest selected punter in Bills History. He was chosen in the fifth round of 1984 NFL draft when he was in Northwestern University. He played as a punter and a quarterback at the Findlay high school at Findlay Ohio and graduated in the year 1980. Kidd had been First Team All American and first team all Big Ten during her college years and he won Big Ten Conference Medal of Honor. He continued with his punting career and had the average of 41.8 while he also held a single season average of 45.6.

In the year 1994-97, with the Dolphins of NFL, he was able to establish an average record of 44.2 for her punting career and it was in the franchise that continued to stand until it was broken by Brandon Fields in 2010. In the year 1996, Kidd was in charge of NFL and had a punting average of 46.3.

From his biography, John Kidd is 53 years old and stands tall with height of 6 feet with 3 inches. He got too much success. He got married to Jackie Johnson and they had four children together. Before, his wife worked like a weather forecaster of CBS and she is based in Los Angeles. Their eldest daughter called Carolyn graduated in advertising and Marketing with honors in Michigan State. She is now a director for Marketing based in Chicago in Drifire. The siblings of Carolyn are Garrett and Dillon and they are both players at University of Miami and in Iowa. The youngest sibling is son Max who is senior kicker, punter, backup and a receiver of Dow High Football team. He lives with the family in the city of Los Angeles.

John Kidd is known as the best player because of his football skills. He got many awards in his entire career. He has been noted to be the highest ranking of NFL player and his bio can be found on wiki and twitter or other social media sites. He has 4 million as a net worth and he is known to be a high paid player during his time. Now he has a sales and consulting company that he established in the year 2002. It delivers the data and voice network solution on both enterprise and medium level business.

John Kidd’s wife Jackie Johnson is a well known radio presenter and weather forecast. She is a known figure in the entire American television industry and was born in the city of Michigan. However, the two have divorced in 2014 and they cited irreconcilable difference as the reason of divorce.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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