A retired Colorado Springs Detective, Joe Kenda was born 28th August 1946. His star sign is Scorpio. He was born in Hermine, Pennsylvania. He belongs to American nationality. He was raised as a Christian. He has been fascinated with crime from a very young age. Kenda passed his graduation with a degree in Political Science from Greensburg Central Catholic High School on 26th December 1964. He went to the University of Pittsburgh. He attended the Ohio State University, where he earned a master's degree in International Relations in the year 1970. Joe Kenda has been married to Mary Kathleen since 1967. The couple was dating since high school.

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Joe Kenda moved to Colorado Springs with his family, where he joined the police department. He eventually became a detective. Kenda used to lead the homicide department with an experience of over 19 years. He solved 356/387 investigation cases. He resigned on 1st September 1996. Kenda and a TV series series editor named Patrick Bryant made a 5 minute sizzle reel, related to his career in homicide department. The reel was shown to FOX21 studios in Los Angeles. It was taken by Investigation Discovery in the year 2010 and was further produced in the year 2011.

Kenda is talented enough to work as an actor without a script. His TV series Homicide Hunter: Lt Joe Kenda was aired on the Investigation Discovery Network in September 2011. The hit show Homicide Hunter is a non-fiction investigation murder case series led by the retired detective Joe Kenda. Kenda talks through the details of different investigation cases each week. He believed that murder is the worst crime of all, and so he wanted to apprehend such people who committed such inhuman acts. The show made him a bona fide crime star.

The show attracted nearly 2 million viewers per week in the 7th season. Kenda has been very humbled by the success of the TV series. The show is aired throughout the world. He has been well known for a Netflix mystery movie Handsome in the year 2017. Kenda has been known as a real life brave detective. There is not known any cop that has been so accomplished in solving homicide investigations as Kenda.

Kenda has over 4k followers on Instagram. He has over 6k followers on Facebook. His TV show Homicide Hunter has 223,670 likes on Facebook. He has 50.6k followers on Twitter. Kenda has earned a Net worth of around $600,000.

20 Sep, 2018