Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster is Alicia Christian Jodie Foster who was born in the year 1962. She is a filmmaker and actress of American nationality. She had worked on different television shows and films. She had been called one of best actresses in her time. Foster started her career when she was a child model. Her acting debut was in Mayberry R.F.D. which was a sitcom on television series.

While growing up, she worked in different primetime television series and she starred in many children’s film. Her breakthrough came about when she acted in the Taxi Driver of Martin Scorsese. In this role, she was playing as a teenage prostitute and it is a role that got her the nomination for Academy Award. She appeared in other roles such as in Foxes, Candleshoe, Freaky Friday, the Little Girl who Lives Down the Lane and Bugsy Malone.

Even if she was a well known actress during her early life, she struggled when it came to the time that she wanted to transit in an adult actor while also attending college of Yale. She became acclaimed when she acted in The Accused in the rape survivor. For this role she won many awards such as Golden Globe and Academy Award. She did won another Academy Award after three years when she played The Silence of the Lambs and this is where she was playing as Clarice Starling and she was a trainee in FBI while investing a case of serial murder.

She did a debut like a film director in this same year when she appeared in Little Man Tate. She has her production company called Egg Pictures. The first production of the company is Nell and she played its title role. This helped her to get another nomination to the Academy Award. She had been in other production like Anna the King, Home for the Holidays, Contact and Maverick.

According to her biography, Jodie Foster suffered setback in the year 2000 which included the cancellation of the film project and her production company was closed down. During this period, she starred in The Brave One, Inside Man, Fightplan and Panic Room thriller.

Jodie Foster was born in Los Angeles. Her mother is Evelyn Ella and her father is Lucius Fisher Foster III. The fathers family is a wealthy family in Chicago and one of her grandfather include John Alden.

Jodie Foster does not like to talk about her personal life and she says that is because she values more about her private life since she had spent most of her life living as a public personal. She got two children from Cydney Bernard when he was his partner and then married Alexandra Hedison. She says that she takes up fewer projects because she wants to be with her children. Fans can follow her on the social media, her twitter is @JodieFoster1 and her Instagram is @jodiefosterworld.