Joanna Garcia is a famous American actress, born on 10th August, 1979. She has gained fame in acting industrybecause of her roles in movies like Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Privileged, Better with You, Animal Practice, Once Upon a Time and The Astronaut Wives Club. She started her passion of performing, when she was just 10 years old. She was selected as a lead when she tried for a local production.

Personal life

She was born to Loraine and Jay Garcia in Florida, and her parents were Cuban. Garcia’s mother was a retired school teacher and father was a gynecologist. Garcia had a small family including her mother father herself and one brother.

She was found by children’s TV network Disney Channel, but for that period of time she was restricted to studies. She worked for her passion along with her studies by acting in Tampa Catholic High School and local plays.

In 2009, Garcia started dating Nick Swisher, the great basketball player. Garcia started dating Nick in May 2009, and they got married in 2010. Subsequently, after her marriage, she has been recognized as Joanna Garcia Swisher. They are blessed with two children: elder son, named Emerson Jay born on 21st May 2013and younger daughter, Sailor Stevie, who was born on 28th June 2016.


Garcia acted in various movies including sea Quest DSV, Superboy, Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery and Second Noah. She was hired by Nickelodeon and has worked on Are You Afraid of the Dark? for three seasons. When she was just fifteen, she was casted in a drama TV show Party of Five and Freaks and Geeks. Garcia opted for her studies briefly at Florida University, to do her acting on full time basis, she left her studies and moved to California.

Garcia was introduced in Welcome to the Captain; a short-lived CBS comedy. In early days of 2008, she acted in ‘Privileged’, a CW series. She appeared in a comedy spoof Not another Teen Movie, which was a big screen production. In 1997-98, she acted in original TV movies From the Earth to the Moon, The Texas Cadet Murder and Love's Deadly Triangle. She made appearances in ABC family’s movie The Initiation of Sarah, in October 2006 and a leading role in Revenge of the Bridesmaids.

In 2009, García frequently acted in three season four episodes for Gossip Girl, Better with You and How I Met Your Mother. Garcia serves to be a teacher as her hobby for teaching children who wish to learn second languages as English. She is an active member of the association “Make the Commitment”, which spreads awareness about cervical cancer. She also owns a non-profit organization “We Reach” which helps young girls all over the country to create charity events in their hometowns, thus empowering them.