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Joan Osborne was born in July 8, 1962. Joan Osborne’s birth place was anchorage, Kentucky, United States. She is a singer, music interpreter and song writer who has performed and also recorded music of genres like pop, R&B, country, soul and blues. She has taken a role in a documentary movie, Standing in the Shadows of Motown which was released after her tour with Funk Brothers who were Motown’s sidemen. She is also famous for recording of songs One of US and Eric Bazilian song. She has been active in the music industry from 1989 till now.


Joan was a brilliant student in high school and her parents had high hopes for her even expecting her to be a doctor. Due to her love for music her mom encouraged her to pursue her dreams and after graduating high school she joined Louisville State University to study theater arts. She dropped out after 18 months of studying. In the mi 80s, she got a scholarship to go to the New York University Films School but ran out of money just after 3 years but instead of going back home she remained in New York where she performed in clubs and theatres.

Personal Life

Out of her 6 siblings, Osborne was the second eldest. She distanced herself from the Roman Catholic., the religion she was born and raised in after telling her parents that she was longing to become a priest and later on finding that the Roman Catholic institution forbade women from becoming priests. Currently, Osborne says that she is a very spiritual individual and is influenced by Buddhism and Christianity. She has a daughter who was born in December 2004.

She claims that she is a fun of American poetry and says that most of her inspiration comes from them including that of Walt Whitman. On top, of that she says that she has grown attached to New York especially Brooklyn. Joan Osborne’s net worth is estimated at $5M.


Osborne didn’t start her musical career until she relocated to New York City. Here she came up with, Womanly Hips, her own recording label which she used to release a couple of records. Later on she signed for Mercury Records and released her first full album in 1991, Soul Show: Live Delta 88. In 1995 she released Relish, her second album; the album became a hit due to the single One of Us. This best single was the cover of the Eric Bazilian song. It was the number one song in Canada and Australia and the fourth in the United States.

On top of that she released other albums like Righteous Love released in 2000, How Sweet It Is released in 2002, Pretty Little Stranger released in 2006, Breakfast in Bed released in 2007, Little Wild One in 2008, Bring It On in 2012, and Love and Hate in 2014. She became a member of the band Trigger alongside Jackie Greene, Tom Bukovac, Nick Govrik and Steve Gorman; the band released its first album in later September 2014.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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