Jo was born on 2 June 1971. He was born in Tacoma in Washington in Unit States of America. There is little information available about his parents. The name of his father is not known but it is known that his father was a European-American gentleman who served in the Air Force. Name of Jo’s mother is also not known and the only fact known is that she belonged to Philippines. He has an older sibling. His brother is 8 years elder to him and it is known that his brother suffers from a mental disorder known as schizophrenia. People suffering from the disorder have a trouble in interpreting the reality. The name of his brother is Robert.

Jo’s actually name is Joseph Glenn Herbert and his childhood was spend in Washington only. Jo went to Spanaway Lake High School but in the later stage of his life he changed his school and started the schooling at Foss High School. In later years of his life, Jo shifted from Washington to Las Vegas. The main purpose of this house move was that Jo wanted to take care of his grandmother who was ill. After completing his education, Jo started going to University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He never received his degree for the university because he left the course midway to persue his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

Joseph started his career in 1994 and he started as a stand-up comedian at a comedy club. Later he performed in the show ‘Catch a Rising Star’. He was loved by his audience for delivering a high dose of laughter. He because really popular after the last show. It was at that time when he decided to perform at a bigger platform and entertain a larger audience. To do that, he rented out a theatre and sold tickets for his own show. His hard work payed off and he got an offer to perform on show ‘Comic View’. He was contracted for the two seasons of the show. After this he performed on various shows and he even performed for the army.

Jo gained a lot of popularity as a comedian and he got offers from a lot of shows like ‘The tonight show with Jay Leon’, ‘Punisher Tour’, ‘Just for Laughs’ and a lot many. He became so popular that many of his shows were hosted in a ten thousand seat arena and most of them were sold out. He also landed in a controversy after unintentional insulting the gay men. After being a target of his audience, he issued an apology as well. It is also known that he was earlier married and he filed a divorce in 2013. There is not much of information available about the same as he kept his personal life a secret. Jo’s annual salary is not public but his net worth is estimated to be around 1.5 Million US dollars. He surely leads a royal life.

Last Modified: May 10, 2020

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