Jessika Taurasi is an elder sister to Diana Lorena Taurasi (who goes for the nickname Dee. Her biography is not full online but that of her sister can be found easily. Diana Lorena Taurasi is known as the American professional basketball player and she played for the Phoenix Mercury of WNBA and for UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia. She was the WNBA Rookie of the year in 2004. He had been voted to be among the top 15 players for the WNBA history by the fans.

Diana Lorena Taurasi was born in the city of Glendale of California in the year 1982 and her family is Argentinean. Her father is Mario, her mother is Liliana. Her father was a pro soccer goalie before. The parents went to United States before she was born. She was called Diana Lorena Taurasi when she was born and she uses the name Dee. The entire family uses Spanish at home. When she was going to school, she went to Don Lugo High School of Chino, CA and she got 3,047 career points. He got 2000 Cheryl Miller Award and she got the presentation by the LA Times to be the best player in the entire Southern California. Her favorite movie is Above the Rim and the Duck Tales which was her favorite cartoon while growing up. She wishes to play against Magic Johnson on one-on-one game.

Diana Lorena Taurasi puts on a no 3 jersey and he has dips of saltine crackers with the hot tea for the breakfast. This is something which is not new in Argentina. She has an official website called and she was among the first professional athletics to be found on Myspace. In the year 2008, the jersey she worn for Mercury, it was the sixth best seller for WNBA.

Diana Lorena Taurasi had been a great player for the entire life and she wants to remind every person that she is considered to be the greatest scorer that WNBA had already because of the performance. She became the first two time national player of 2004 and she is three times Kodak All America and a two time press First Team All-America choice. She had been a first player of Uconn history who has been able to reach to 2000 points, 600 rebounds and 2000 points. She is important player who participated in 2004 and in 2008. She was a basketball player who got a gold medal at Athens and in Beijing Olympics.

Diana Lorena Taurasi is not yet married and she does not have any record of a husband, children and divorce. She said once that she is single and she is ready to mingle. She is of 6 feet tall. Her net worth is of 500 thousand dollars, and her salary is of 100 thousand dollars per year. It is not clear when she may get married.

Last Modified: Mar 13, 2020

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