Mindy Cohn is Melinda Heather Mindy Cohn and she is American comedian, voice actress and actress. She was known for the role she did of The Facts of life where she was Natalie Green. She was the voice behind Velma Dinkley of Scooby-Doo Franchise in 2002. She is living in Beverly Hills. According to his biography, Mindy Cohn was born in the state of California in the Los Angeles and she was seen by Charlotte Rae when she was visiting Bel Air, in California with other producers of The Facts of Life when they were searching for the actors for the show. She got in the cast, she was Natalie Green and she was portrayed in the entire series. She was also in reunion movie. She did a work in The Facts of Life and she got honored to be ranked by VH1 as at the position of 43 in the Greatest Kid Stars.

Mindy Cohn continued the acting after The Facts of Life and in the year 1984, she had the leading role where she was a daughter to Stockard Channing for Table Settings of video production of RKO. In the year 1986, she was in The Boy Who Could Fly and she was playing like Geneva. She has a guest appearance in more popular TV shows like Charles in Charge where she was a young alcoholic and a sister to Buddy. She had appearance in a second season of cop drama of 21 Jump Street where he was playing Rosa for the Christmas in Saigon. He was in The Help episode of WB comedy. She was playing a role of Violet which was a leading role of Casper Andreas Movie called Violet Tendencies. She was in the Season 8 premier for What Not to Wear of TLC. She was in Hot in Cleveland for Secret Life of The American Teenager of 2011 and of The Middle in 2014. She said that she did The Facts of Life Reunion because the actors in the series did not get a cut out of the syndication or the profits gotten from the DVD series.

Mindy Cohn did not get married and does not have children. She is a supporter of the LGBT community and she had stated that she is a proud fag hag. Since there is no record of having ever a husband, it is not recorded that she had ever a divorce. She is a successful woman and she has got many earning. She has a net worth believed to be in thousands even if the exact amount had not been disclosed yet. From her bio, she has proven to a successful actress at her age. She is an active person on the social sites such as twitter and she uploads her pictures so that she can share them with her friends. She spots different hair styles in different movies.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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