Jessica Ussery

Jessica Ussery (October 18, 1979), is best known for being the ex-wife of the famous country music star, Jason Aldean. The couple was married for eleven long years before getting a divorce due to Jason’s infidelity. Jessica has two lovely daughters from her marriage with Jason. After getting divorced, she re-married Jake Marlin, an electric lineman.

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Early Life

Jessica Ussery opened her eyes on October 18, 1979, in Georgia, USA. She is an American National. Not much information is available about her early life, education and career since she doesn’t have a celebrity background and she is renowned only for her relationship with Jason Aldean. However, it won’t be wrong to say that it’s the selfless love he got from Jessica that made him what he is today. She took care of all the finances and other business matters of Jason.

Personal Life

Jessica was just 15 when she met Jason in Windsor Academy, Macon City, Georgia. There was no looking back for the high school sweethearts since then. It is often seen in the showbiz industry that if one of the partners become famous, he/she tries to change the other partner in order to match up their class and sooner or later they get attracted to someone younger and more successful leaving behind their former not-so-glamorous partner. However, Jason didn’t change immediately after gaining popularity. After dating for many years, the couple tied the knot in 2001.

The couple is blessed with two gorgeous daughters named Kelly and Kendly. Jessica always taught the daughters to be humble and kind. She wanted them to understand that luxury doesn’t come easy and did everything to give them a normal life.

Jason was a family man and could not imagine his life without his wife cum best friend, Jessica. Jessica also used to manage all his finances, events and business matters as she didn’t want to merely enjoy all the luxuries without doing any hard work. She was Jason’s best critic and did everything she could to keep her husband and children happy and stress-free. However, Jason finally gave in to temptation after being together for almost two decades. He was caught red-handed kissing Brittany Kerr, an American Idol contestant. It was not the first time when Jason cheated on his wife but it was definitely the first time when things went public.

Jason apologised to Jessica blaming everything on alcohol but the marriage could not last and they ended up getting divorced. It's surprising that it was Jason who filed for the divorce. Jason was not really ashamed of what he did and later got married to his mistress, Brittany Kerr in the year 2015.

Jessica was not someone who would cry over a bad marriage. She found love in Jake Marlin, an electric lineman and the couple got married in Florida. Unlike Jason, he doesn’t have a celebrity status and he would probably not leave his wife for a younger chick. Jake has two children from his previous marriage. Jessica received a huge amount from Jason as alimony.

25 Oct, 2018