Jessica Bowlin is famous for the Season 5 Bachelor. She was a law student who won the rose from Jesse Palmer. She is also famous for the drama which involved around the shooting of the series.

Personal life

Jessica came into limelight only when she became one of the 25 contestants who fought for the rose from Jesse Palmer, football player. Her childhood, parents and other personal details are not known to media. In the Bachelor show, Jessica Bowlin won the season five and got one-way first class ticket to New York. Yes, Jesse did not propose her. There were no reasons provided as to why Jesse did not propose per on stage. Jessica was just 22 years when she won the series and she was studying law. They were all over media for having a long distance relationship for a couple of weeks. Later, they disappeared from the limelight of the media. She was never a part of any celebrity relationship or affair in the past.

Later, Jesse mentioned that he and Jessica broke up. The reason given by Palmer was that he was married to his job and he wanted to focus on his job. Jessica graduated from law school and passed the bar in 2007. She is quite active on social media and it is said that she is married with two children. There are pictures of her with her husband and children but, there are no details regarding the same. It is said that she got married in 2013 to Omar. In the same year, she had her son and in 2016, she had her daughter. Since there are no rumors of separation, it is assumed that Jessica and Omar are living happily without any problems and there will be no chance of signs of divorce in near future.

Jessica and Jesse

After a few weeks from the finale being aired, Jesse talked to press that they both mutually ended their relationship. Jesse said that he wanted to focus on his football career and she wanted to study. It is said that Jesse gave her ticket to New York to relocate so that they could check how things are going between them. But, Jessica did not want to relocate because of uncertainty of events and her studies. She rejected the offer and she stayed back in California. To keep ratings of the show up, they mentioned that they were in long distance relationship and soon, he announced it to be broken. Jessica did not comment on any of those. She became inert to media. This was not a very big surprise for any of the fans as none of the previous season winners stayed as couple for more than a couple of months.


She is said to be practicing as a lawyer in California. Since she is totally out of the limelight after the break up, there is nothing that we know about her or her career. Her net worth and salary details are not known to media. Her current husband is not a celebrity and thus, there is no chance of learning more about Jessica through her husband.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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