Jesse Watters was born on July 9, 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was raised in Germantown as well as in East Falls neighborhoods. His father is Stephen Watters. He studied at the William Penn Charter School. Later she attended a local school on Long Island in New York, when his parents decided to move close to their job place in New York. After school, he enrolled in Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut and finally graduated in the 2001.

He has made his first appearance on the “O'Reilly Factor”, which was an American cable television news and talk show during 1996-1998. Jesse appeared with a short segment of the show, which was called "Watters' World". He started his long career way in the 2002.

Later, he made his debut appearance on the Fox News show, “Outnumbered” in the 2014, where he served as a guest co-host. He also appeared at “The Five” show as a guest too. The next year he got his own monthly Fox News program, which was titled “Watters' World”. In general, he is known to be an ambush journalist. He also made an interesting report, which was titled “Nudity in the Upspace”, while he visited the Brown University.

Previously, in the 2005 he brought a camera into the “Sex Power God” party in the annual event held on campus that allowed nudity. Later, some students complained that his coverage was inaccurate and exploitive.

There was some controversy case during his segment of "Watters' World", which has racism against Asian Americans. It happened in the 2016. Jesse asked on air Chinese Americans if they knew karate, he also asked if he should bow before he greets them, or if their watches were stolen. These comments were said while the old song "Kung Fu Fighting" was playing.

Later he has made an apology for his man-on-the-street interviews and said that he really regret if anyone found offense. He also was involved with a project along with Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller “The Spin Stops Here Tour 2017”. Recently, he interviewed a new American President Donald Trump, where he asks several main political questions, which are important for that moment. Jesse built a successful career on television, and although due to his peculiar manner he was despised for some of his appearances in public, he became an integral participant in the Fox channel.

After being so popular and so successful he is still very calm and collected. Jesse is a very down to earth man. He is a married man. His wife is Noelle Inguagiato Watters. The couple has two children, daughters, named Ellie and Sophie, who was born in the 2011 and are twins. The couple lives happily without any rumors about extramarital affairs. He is available in the social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram where he shares his updates. He earns a good salary from his job and it’s making rise to his net worth to $1 million dollars.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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