Jerry Stiller full name is Gerald Isaac Jerry Stiller and he is actor and a comedian. He is known to play on NBC comedy series called Seinfeld where he is Frank Costanza. He was also on the CBS comedy series where he was Arthur Spooner and the series were The King of Queens. He was in a comedy team called Stiller and Meara where he was together with his wife called Anne Meara. They are parents to Actor Ben Stiller who was the co-star in The Heartbreak Kid, Hot Pursuit, Heavyweights and Zoolander.

Jerry Stiller is an eldest child in the family of four children. He was born in the Unity Hospital in New York and he is the son of William and Bella stiller. His father was a bus driver and the family was a Jewish family. He has paternal grandparents who came from Galacia and the mother was born in the country of Poland. They were living in Williamsburg in the East New York neighborhood and the family moved to the Lower East side afterwards. He went to Seward Park High School. He majored in drama with Syracusse University. He got the bachelor degree of Speech and Drama. In the year 1953, he formed the trio of the clowns.

The team Stiller and Meara was with him and his wife and was well known in 1960s and also in 1970s. They made many appearances at Television variety programs and it was mainly at Ed Sullivan show. The career declined the variety series started to disappear, but they forget the career in the radio commercials and the well known one was in Blue Nun Wine. The two was in the syndicated sketch comedy show that was taking only five minutes. It was known as Take Five with Stiller and Meara. In 1982, they were hosting the HBO Sneak Previews for a half-hour and it was produced every month. It was describing the programs and he movies that have been programmed for the coming month.

Jerry Stiller got married to Anna Meara in the year 1954 and they stayed together until the time of the death of Anna in the year 2015. They stayed together all these years and they never got any divorce. They had two children who are Amy Stiller and Ben Stiller. His net worth is 12.5 million dollars. He has contributed to the entertainment industry too much and he is a still healthy person taking into account that he was born in 1927. He is not too active on the social media like twitter or others. This means that he does not like to post or to upload the pictures on these websites. His height is 1.65m. Jerry Stiller is also known for Friars Club roast where he talked about the notorious jokes. He has been a victim of death hoaxes many times.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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