Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate was born in the year 1982 and she is an author, voice actress, actress and comedian of American nationality. She became to be well known when she played in Obvious child as Donna Stern. She was the co-creator for the Marcel The Shell with Shoes On which was a short film and then for book series for children. She become to be well known when she was the cast member for the Saturday Night Live of 2009 and 2010 season. She had appearance in the shows such a Girls, Kroll Show, Hello Ladies, Bob’s Burger , Parks and Recreation, Married and House of Lies.

According to her biography, Jenny Slate was born in the year 1982, in the city of Milton in Massachusetts. Her father is Ron Slate and she was a businessman and then a poet. She worked as the vice president for Global communication for the EMC Corporation and afterwards he was the CEO for the biotech startup. Her mother is Nancy and worked as a ceramicist. She was born as a middle child. The older sister is Abigail and the younger sister is Stacey.

She got raised in the Jewish family while her grandmother grew up in Cuba. She finished in Milton Academy where she was a valedictorian and then attended Columbia University where she did literature as major. She did help to form an improv group named Fruit Paunch which was starring in different Varsity Show. She met with Gabe Liedman and become the comedy partner. Slate graduated from the Columbia University in the year 2004.

Jenny Slate started her career as one of the comedy duo Gabe & Jenny. They had live stand up shows that Max Silvestri called Big Terrific. It was named to be Best Variety show for 2008 according to Time Out New York. The two ended the shows because of busy schedules but they decided to work together whenever it is possible.

Jenny Slate attended different, tv shows such as Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live and Talking head commentary programs at VH1. Jenny Slate had been in many movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked where she was Zoe, This Means War as Emily, The Lorax as Mrs Wiggins and Bitch as Molly Horner. Jenny Slate won two awards, the Critics Choice Award, Women Film Circle Awards and Virtuous Award for being the Best actress of Comedy in Obvious Child.

Jenny Slate worked as a voice actress for The Secrets Life of pets where she was Gidget and in Zootopia, when she was Dawn Bellwether.

For her personal life, Jenny Slate lived in Cobble Hill of Brooklyn and then moved with her then husband to live in Los Angeles. She married Dean Fleisher –Camp but they asked for a divorce and then dated Chris Evans. Jenny Slate has a net worth of 1 million dollars. Fans follow her on her social media accounts.