Jennifer Reyna

Jennifer Reyna was born in the year 1980 in the city of Houston, in Texas USA. She is a reporter and a journalist and her nationality is African-American. She became too famous when she became the traffic journalist at KPRC2 News. Besides that, she worked at other TV stations and she had worked in journalism career from the year 2000.

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Her biography starts in California where she got raised together with four siblings. Her father was American while her mother was African American. Their names and their professions are not known. For her studies, she went to Lamar High School found in Texas and after matriculation; she enrolled into University of Houston. It is not clear which subject she majored into. She finished in 2002.

Other jobs that Jennifer Reyna had been into before her career are not yet known, however, when it comes to her profession, she worked for the first time at KABC-TV and she was working behind the scene where she was extra hand. She was at the same time working at Rock 101 KLOL in Houston. After getting enough experience, she did get a better job when she joined the KPRC 2 News in the year 2006.

She was a traffic journalist for weekday’s morning and for Today Show. She continued to work there for eight years and then left in order to join the NBC. This is when she got a job as a traffic reporter. While at NBC Channel; she was given more screen time which improved with her popularity. She got the recognition she deserved and became a star as it should. She increased her popularity while working at the same place.

Jennifer Reyna is not willing to share information about her personal life with the Media. She does not like to talk about her love life and the only information available is just speculation or rumors. By now, there is nothing that shows that she may be dating any person. However in a certain interview, she said that she would like to wear the wedding gown and get married faster but she did not talk if she already has a partner.

At some point, one of her fans became obsessed with her, until she turned into a stalker. The stalker is called Christopher Marcus Olson who got arrested by Friendswood police with a stalking warrant.

Even if Jennifer got to be seen at TV for many times, she became a person of interest to the public in the year 2014. This is when she was featured in a video which showed journalists and anchors and it was played at Jimmy Kimmel Show. From that time, many people got interested in her and what she does. With her success in the industry, Jennifer Reyna has a net worth of 1 million dollars. As she continues to be popular, her net worth also continues to increase.

27 Sep, 2018