Jennifer Delgado

Jennifer Delgado is a famous on-camera meteorologist and she has a reasonably successful career in the small screen. Right now she is working for The Weather Channel. Extremely good looking, suave and sophisticated, the weather reports of many channels are becoming popular and have a high viewership just because she is the one presenting it. Hence it would be interesting to know more about the life of Jennifer Delgado from various perspectives. So without wasting much of time let us get into her biography so that her supporters and well wishers know more about her.

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Early Career

Not too much is known about her childhood. However, it is fact that she completed her graduation from Webster University in St. Louis. Further she also had an additional bachelor’s degree in geosciences and broadcast meteorology and that too from the prestigious Mississippi State University. Her education and her avid interest in meteorology is something which sets her apart from the crowd.

She started her career as a noon and morning meteorologist with WTVR-TV in Richmond, VA. She worked there for two years and she presented two-hour morning newscast in this TV channel. This experience helped her to know more about various systems including Skytracker, FastTrac, Baron Doppler Radar and WSI Truview.

She then moved over the CNN International and CNN domestic and worked there successfully as a meteorologist and weather anchor. Her stint with CNN helped her to report about natural and weather disasters across the world. She gained fame and popularity for covering the many devastating typhoons that ravaged the Pacific. Her reporting and accurate forecasting of the deadly Hurricane Sandy in 2013 is still fresh in the memories of thousands of her fans across the country and also across the world.

She moved to Weather Channel from CNN and joined as an on-camera meteorologist and had the distinction of working in the headquarters of Weather Channel at Atlanta. Her rich experience in the field of meteorology has not gone unnoticed. She is today the member of the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and also the National Weather Association.

Personal Life

Nothing much is known about her personal life and being in the high profile media and reporting profession, she likes to keep all her personal details confidential and away from public gaze. However, there is no denying the fact that she is extremely good looking and attractive and she has many thousands of followers including many men. She is active on social media. It also is a fact that she is married and leads a happy life with her husband and family. In spite of best efforts by many, it has not been possible to know much about her husband and her children. She is happy and it is better left at that.

Net Worth

She has been successful news professional for many decades now. It is therefore quite obvious that that she would have been able to build decent wealth having worked for some very prestigious and well known names. But as is the case with her personal life, she likes to keep her net worth away from the media and others.

31 Dec, 2017