Jenna Owens

Jenna Owens is an American radio personality. Jenna works in the radio entertainment industry and well-known for her work on a morning radio known as “The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show”.

What is the age of Jenna Owens?

Jenna Owens was born on 9th May in the year 1984. Jenna’s hometown is Cincinnati situated in the state of Ohio, the United States. 34 years old Jenna has earned a fair share of fame through her radio show.

What information does wiki contain about Jenna’s family, education and job?

Jenna spent her early years in her hometown. There is not a lot of information about her family. The names of her parents are not known. According to the available information, Jenna’s parents faced problems in their relationship and separated their way. Owen’s siblings are not mentioned anywhere in her bio, however, she has two half-siblings from her father side when he got married again after divorcing Jenna’s mother. Jenna went to a local school in her hometown to complete early education. After graduating from high school, Jenna attended Miami University for higher studies. The major of Jenna’s bachelor’s degree is not known.

The radio star has a bachelor’s degree in communications. Jenna was also good at sports and played soccer during her time at high school and University. Owen’s developed interest in becoming a media personality during her school and started to pursue her dream. Jenna started to show her talents at a local TV station in her college. This became the basic factor of her career path. Soon after graduating from university, Jenna chose radio entertainment industry to pursue her career. Jenna started working on a famous radio show “Kidd Kraddick Morning Show” which is based in Dallas in the state of Texas, the United States. This show first started in the year 1992.

Personal Facts about Jenna

Jenna is an American national and a Caucasian ethnic. The radio star was close with Kraddick and considered him as a teacher and mentor. Kidd Kraddick was the creator of the show in which Jenna works. Jenna expressed her deep emotional feelings when Kraddick died.

Who is dating Jenna these days? Does she have a Fiancé?

Jenna is currently in a relationship with Thomas Bellinger. Jenna and Thomas started dating after Jenna broke up with her ex-boyfriend Alex. Jenna and Alex were in a relationship for a long time and had a rough time for a year when they broke up. Later, Jenna and Alex got back together and eventually got engaged. Owens announced her engagement to Alex in the year 2016. This engagement couldn’t last long and the couple broke up the engagement within a month.

Is Jenna’s salary is enough to boost her net worth?

Jenna is still in the growing phase of her career. The radio show host has still a lot to look forward to. According to various sources, the radio show host must have a salary of 60000 dollars per year including the annual bonus in the amount of 5500 dollars.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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